The Village

Village members commit to recurring monthly donations to support Well Aware's growth and expand the impact of our clean water projects.

Membership in The Village includes VIP treatment at special events, our signature water drop bracelet or silver pendant, exclusive projects updates, and shoutouts in our communications. Be part of our community that is changing the world.

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*Impact number is for a full year of Village membership. $10 gives clean water to one person for life.

New Village Members mean that Well Aware can:

  • Implement more water projects per year
  • Strengthen infrastructure to scale impact
  • Increase efficiency for quicker project completions

Click here to see who is already a part of this invaluable group.

Village Member Perks:

As a Village member, you receive special recognition and appreciation. This includes:

  • Exclusive project and company updates
  • VIP treatment at special events
  • Social media shoutouts
  • Your name featured on the website
  • Priority booking for yearly Rafiki trips to Kenya
  • Our signature water drop bracelet or silver pendant (pictures below)