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Water Walk

The Water Walk will bring the challenge of finding clean water in places like Kenya to your company, school, or organization. Empower your group with perspective, empathy, global awareness and compassion for others - all while building morale and saving lives. Check out the overview below to see how you can get involved, and send us an email at if you want to set up a #WaterWalk.

Read Annie's blog about the AffiniPay Water Walk, held in Austin, that raised $12,000!

Well Aware will host the water walk for your group in local locations. Well Aware team members will set up a path, full “jerry cans” of water (40 lbs. ea.), instructions and visual inspiration to raise funds and awareness for our 2017 water systems. The Water Walk station will include:

  • Several full jerry cans of water

  • Marked path for the “walk”

  • Signage with instructions and stats

  • Videos from our water well work in Kenya

  • Well Aware team members to guide, inform and inspire

Employees, students or organization members will be encouraged to stop by the Water Walk station during the suggested two hours that it will be running and experience the difficulty of hauling water. Women in Africa walk up to 10 miles a day just to have clean water for their families.

An entire water system could be funded by your group. Fundraising examples include:

  • $50 donated for each time an employee completes the Water Walk

  • $25 for each time an employee posts to social media with #WaterWalk and @wellawareworld

  • $100 for every employee who signs up for Well Aware’s Shower Strike

The Water Walk will result in:

  • A new water well in Kenya with a dedication sign for your group

  • Team building that will unify employees

  • An amazing day of community, philanthropy and compassion for others

Well Aware will provide all materials, media and staffing for the event.

Contact to schedule your water walk today!

Download the overview here:

Water Walk Photos

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