The New Hope School in Arusha, Tanzania has 131 students, 12 teachers, and 2 staff members. The majority of students at New Hope are orphans and vulnerable children.

The school and the local community depend on the nearby river for water, competing with local livestock and animals for access to the contaminated water.

With your holiday gift, we’ll be able to drill a new borehole for New Hope, install new solar panels, and transform the community and school forever.

For just $10, you can provide one of these students with clean water for life.

Through the end of the year, all donations will be MATCHED, and your impact will be doubled.

With clean water, communities thrive.


Disease rates decrease by 64%

Once communities have clean drinking water, cholera and other preventable waterborne illnesses decrease tenfold.


Education rates increase by 34%

Children no longer have to miss school to walk for water. Students are not kicked out of school for being dirty. They can have proper facilities in which to wash. Clean water means they can focus on transforming their future through education.


Gender equality improves

Women no longer have to spend their days fetching water. They are able to participate in the economy, thereby increasing their decision-making power and empowering them to lead their communities.


Overall economic activity increases

The community is able to diversify their income-generating activities by growing more crops or pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

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Join us in transforming lives.

We are working diligently to provide clean water to those who need it most.

Well Aware has completed 54 projects with a 100% success rate, transforming more than 240,000 lives in East Africa. You have the power to affect this transformation.

Give the gift of clean water today.