Global Impact Awards

Established in 2017, the Well Aware Impact Awards recognize inspiring individuals who demonstrate a deep commitment to both global humanitarian issues and to the work of Well Aware. Additionally, the recipients embody Well Aware’s core values: integrity, community, compassion, and innovation.

Well Aware’s highest honor recognizes an outstanding individual for their commitment to positively changing the world through leadership, advocacy, outreach, and support. The recipient demonstrates a passion and devotion to addressing the world's most important social and humanitarian challenges.

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2018 Ambassador of the Year

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2017 Ambassador of the Year

This award commends an exceptional supporter who goes above and beyond to represent and advocate for Well Aware in both their local community and the global community. The recipient demonstrates an extreme dedication to reducing the issue of water scarcity and growing Well Aware's clean water work in the world.

This award recognizes a Well Aware advocate who demonstrates an influential devotion to raising both awareness of and funds for our clean water projects. To qualify, a recipient must have participated in Shower Strike for at least five years, been a member of Well Aware’s Village for three years, and hosted at least one event for Well Aware.


2018 Ripple Effect Award Recipient


2018 Teaching Inspiration Award Recipient

This award acknowledges an extraordinary teacher for their advocacy of clean water initiatives and their compassionate leadership in modeling humanitarian work. This special recipient excels in educating, inspiring and empowering students to be global citizens.