2nd Graders, Actors and Athletes Refuse to Bathe to get Clean Water for Others

April 18, 2017



International water charity Well Aware’s Shower Strike - an online donation-based fundraising campaign - is in full swing and participants are stepping up to share their stories of why they strike. Every year, hundreds of people around the world- from students to professionals to NFL football players (like Colts player Devin Street) and famous actors (like It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia’s Mary Elizabeth Ellen) participate in “Shower Strike” week, forgoing showers to raise money to build wells in Africa.

A second grade teacher Dawn Scholtens from Webster City, a small town with less than 8,000 people, has rallied the entire second grade to get behind the cause. Even though Scholtens and her students raise money for the water crisis in African communities, she finds that it helps bring them together as a community.

Webster City is made up of a blue collar population that is unemployed or under-employed due to their main employer Electrolux, the largest washer and dryer plant in the United States, moving to Mexico five years ago. Almost 70 percent of the elementary students are on free and reduced lunch. Even with community woes, they have still found it is good for the students to support Well Aware and the water initiative.

“When second graders do the Shower Strike everyone bands together to get behind the cause,” Scholtens said. “We just have our school so we all join together. While the students are raising money for Well Aware, they are also learning about places they have never heard of and people and circumstances they don’t know exist. I feel it is a crucial part of their education to learn that they can give even if they have little and that they can make a difference in our world. My hope is they will carry this into adulthood."

In a confusing time, there’s hope for our youth and their view of the world through this unique awareness campaign, called Shower Strike.

About Shower Strike

Shower Strike will take place during the week of April 22. Volunteers across the globe unite and promise not to shower until they have met their fundraising goal for building water systems in Africa. This nationally-recognized fundraiser enables anyone who wants to help Well Aware’s cause make a big impact in a short time. For every $10 raised through Shower Strike, Well Aware can bring clean water to one person for 25 years.

Join the Strike and help transform lives with clean water:

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