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'Well Aware' Founder Sarah Evans Implements Clean Water Systems for Impoverished Communities in Africa

April 6, 2017

People Magazine

People Magazine had Sarah on to highlight her nomination as a Toyota "Mother of Invention.' Click the image above to see the interview where she shares Well Aware's story, impact and future.

Well Aware founder Sarah Evans spoke about her nonprofit organization that works to fund and implement clean water systems for impoverished communities in Africa as a part of Toyota’s new ‘Mother of Invention’ series.

“We have a strong focus on creating a ripple effect on the communities when we install a clean water system,” says Evans. “It’s great when we install a water well and it’s working well and providing a ton of water, but we also want to see disease rates dropping and that more kids are going to school and that more women are spending their time creating businesses and spending time with their family — not walking all day for water.

“And that the overall peace and economy in the community is improving.”

Well Aware has positively impacted over 110,000 people so far and that number is predicted to double in 2017.

Full People Magazine article here.