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Alamach, Isiolo County, Kenya- extension

Alamach is one of Well Aware’s most successful communities. They once suffered greatly from water-related illness because their only source of clean water was over 14 km away. The mothers in Alamach were distraught from the high rates of infant mortality, and the community felt hopeless. When Well Aware rehabilitated the community’s water system in July of 2014, Alamach began to thrive and develop. The community has united to establish a development plan to expand a few acres of agricultural land to help support and cultivate their community.

Due to the significant growth that Alamach has experienced, the water management committee has requested to expand the distribution of the existing pipeline to assist in the irrigation of crops.

This expansion project will greatly support women in the community, who now have more time to pursue income-generating activities instead of spending their days walking to get water for their families. Developing the irrigation system will allow them to grow more crops, creating more opportunities for women and contributing to overall community development.

Population size: 5,000+