Daaba Juu, Kenya

Daaba Juu is a community near Daaba in the arid county of Isiolo. Daaba Juu relies on an open water well, where women and children must climb down the slippery rocks to retrieve water. Children and animals have fallen and died in this well, and the danger continues to be a significant concern in the community.

Daaba Juu has requested Well Aware to drill a new well. Well Aware has been working with communities in Isiolo for the past few years, and has seen how water has transformed other communities in the area.

With access to a safe, reliable water source, Daaba Juu will also be able to develop as other communities in Isiolo County have.

In June of 2016, Well Aware returned to Daaba Juu to complete a new borehole well located a few kilometers from Daaba centre, thus expanding access to water for the entire community.

Population: 3,500

Project completed: June 2016

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