Imale, Makueni County, Kenya

The closest well to the Imale Schools produces water that is too high in nitrates to be considered safe. High nitrate concentration in drinking water has been linked to adverse health effects, especially for infants, children and pregnant women. The nearest source of cleaner water is from a dam, approximately 2 kilometers away.

In August 2014, Well Aware built a rainwater collection system to benefit the students and teachers at Imale Schools, which serves primary and secondary students, including 150 boarders.

The Technical and Community teams implemented the following system and community revitalization:

  • Rainwater collection system with UV treatment to meet the needs of the growing primary school
  • Additional plumbing and electrical work
  • Piping to water points
  • Project planning, implementation supervision, and follow-up

In 2018, Well Aware returned to the community to complete roof replacements for the structures holding the rainwater catchment systems, while also completing overall project upgrades.

Population: 450 Primary Schools Students with plans to grow to 1000; 150 Boarders with plans to grow to 400.