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Ingrid School, Kenya

This school supports more than 230 underprivileged children from the Kayole slum, from kindergarten through grade 8. The students here are no strangers to poverty, hunger, and illness.

Because there is no clean water available in the area, the school has to pay high prices to have water trucked in, making it difficult to fund important education initiatives and accept new students at the school. Last year, during the pandemic, they couldn't afford the water and nearly shut down as a result.

With clean water, access to sanitation and hygiene will increase. The overall health of the students, staff, and surrounding residents will improve greatly. And, they will be able to plant a garden which they can use to supply food for the school.

Well Aware plans to complete a new water project at the Ingrid School in 2021.

Project Type: New drill

Population Impacted: 230 students