Kavuthu Kenya- boys smiling happy in school- November 2018.jpg

Kavuthu, Kenya

Kavuthu is a community of 4,000 people, including 550 students who attend the local primary school. Previously, they lived solely off of water from a river four kilometers away. The water was full of coliform, making the community and the students very sick, often causing the kids to miss school regularly.

A new, reliable clean water system was vital to ensuring the success of these students and the overall community. During fall of 2018, Well Aware implemented a solar-powered rainwater catchment and purification system at the primary school. This system will greatly reduce waterborne disease and improve classroom attendance rates. We're looking forward to seeing the students, and the entire community, thrive with clean water.

Project Type: Rainwater catchment and purification

Project Completion: October 2018

Population Impacted: 4,000 including 550 primary school students

Location: Machakos County, Kenya