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Maruku, Nyeri County, Kenya

Description: In Maruku, the community lost their water well in 2010 when their hand pump failed and cracked some piping down borehole. Hand pump failure (and subsequent damage to additional well components) is a common problem in Kenya.

The community, including both schools, was retrieving unsafe water from ephemeral surface sources that are 3-4 kilometers away. Members of the community were reporting high rates of illness, and the infants and children were affected most. Besides their lack of water, the community is well organized and has substantial existing infrastructure, and they are well positioned to thrive with new access to clean water.

Well Aware completed the following for system and community revitalization: New elevated structure with additional water storage, solar-powered pump and solar panels, piping to schools tap stands at schools, animal trough repairs, and re-plumbing of existing taps.

Project Category: water well rehabilitation

Status: Completed

Type: Well rehab

Population served: 4500