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Misuuni (Musalaani), Kenya

Misuuni is a community made up of nearly 2,000 homesteads scarcely settled in the area, mainly populated with older adults and children, which attend the nearby primary school. The community of Misuuni suffers greatly from chronic water borne illnesses due to the lack of clean drinking water.

The only available drinking water in the nearby area is from man-made dam where the water is not treated or boiled. When our team visited Misuuni in February 2018, we watched as the school children filled up their jerry cans in the dirty pond at the dam after school (seen in this image).

The only semi-clean drinking water that ever becomes available to this community is the little rainwater catchment they collect during the rainy season, which is also used untreated.

Well Aware plans to implement a project in the community in the near future. We are currently working on assessing the area and working with the community on their need.



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