Students collecting dirty water in Kenya.jpg

Miumbuni (Musalaani), Kenya

Miumbuni (also known as Musalaani) once suffered greatly from chronic waterborne illnesses due to the lack of clean drinking water in the area. Previously, their primary source of drinking water was from a man-made dam, which was used without treatment or boiling. When the Well Aware team visited Miumbuni in February 2018, the school children were filling up their jerry cans in the dirty pond at the dam after school (seen in this image).

During drought, the dam often dried up, leaving the community to fetch water from a river three kilometers away. The only semi-clean drinking water that ever became available to this community was the little rainwater catchment they collected during the rainy season. But, this too, was used untreated.

In 2018, Well Aware partnered with Miumbuni to drill a new, sustainable water well. This system will radically change the health and wellbeing of the community, reducing disease and ensure kids are able to stay in school. Since the completion of the project, the community has transformed. The people are full of joy and hope for their futures. When asked about their feelings on the new well, many kids proclaimed "no more pond water!"

Project Type: New borehole

Project Completion: 2018

Population Impacted: 2,500

Location: Machakos County, Kenya