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Ndatani Schools, Kenya

The village of Ndatani, Kenya is located just southeast of Nairobi. Water resources in the region are limited and the majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers.

Ndatani’s primary and secondary schools are home to 1,600 students. The schools previously relied on harvested rainwater, which was used untreated, and the system was not sufficient to provide water throughout the dry season. When there was no rainwater, the students and villagers hauled water from the Athi River and from hand-dug pits in the river bed when the river was dry. This water was extremely unsanitary, as it was shared by wild animals and livestock, as well as the people. Diseases, such as typhoid were commonplace.

Providing the Ndatani students and the greater community with a clean and reliable source of water was absolutely essential for their health, development, and success. In 2013, Well Aware implemented a new well for Ndatani primary and secondary schools to provide reliable clean drinking water for both schools.

“We are very thankful for the borehole you have sunk for us because now we have clean water that will make our bodies healthy. Truly, we appreciate your support because you have made Ndatani shine in the community. We were carrying water from our homes, and now we are enjoying pure water.” - Kasyaki, Ndatani Student

In order to further expand water access and distribution for the Ndatani schools and community, Well Aware implemented a rainwater catchment system, filtration systems and additional storage tanks in 2019.