Ndovoini, Kenya

Ndovoini is one of the communities that can thrive with a rehabilitated water system and the Well Aware model. The community lost their water well in 2013 and is now retrieving unsafe water from a river 6 kilometers away. Despite efforts to reach the original water system implementer, the community has been ignored. Typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery are all affecting the children there, and the men in the community are struggling to support their families without water for their agriculture.

Population size: 2,400

Scope/Plan of Action:

  • New electrical connection and wiring
  • Re-plumbing of water kiosk on site for distribution
  • Construction of animal trough on site for livestock
  • Assistance completing pit latrines on site
  • Repairs to existing piping to the school and pipeline extension
  • Security fence for the water system
  • Project planning, implementation supervision, and follow-up
  • Training in project maintenance