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New Canaan, Kenya

Previously, New Canaan relied on a private enterprise for water that was trucked in from a private borehole. The water was high in fluoride, untreated, and unaffordable for many residents. In addition, New Canaan used untreated rainwater, but rain in the area is unreliable- with long rains in April and short rains in August. They experienced several droughts, which destroyed important crops and often left the community without water to drink.

Not only were both of these water sources untreated, but the water storage tanks were also open or cracked- increasing contamination and making the water dangerous to drink. Children were sick often and the community was struggling.

Thanks to generous donors, Well Aware partnered with New Canaan to drill a new, sustainable well in early 2019. This system now serves all 6,000 people and will dramatically transform the community’s ability to farm, provide for their livestock, improve health, and so much more.

Project Type: New well

Year Completed: 2019

Population Impacted: 6,000