Olmoran, Kenya

In this community, people waited in line for hours to retrieve water from the only kiosk they had. This was not enough to supply the community, who was struggling with the intense drought hitting Kenya and the ethnic conflicts that ensued throughout the Laikipia area.

Well Aware partnered with The Nobelity Project on a sustainable water well in Ol Moran. The girls pictured here are students from Ol Moran Primary School, which this project serves with a direct water line under the road. The school serves 433 primary pupils as well as 103 pre-school pupils.

At Ol Moran Secondary School across the street, which serves 414 students, conditions have improved greatly since the water system was implemented. The Nobelity Project has also provided a new chemistry lab, a classroom block, library and computer lab. This secondary school is doing remarkably well and provides a great ray of hope for the Laikipia area.

This joint water project is incredibly important - providing more lasting support for the schools and the community as a whole.

Since the completion of the project, girls boarding rooms have been built and the overall population has increased.

Project Completed: June 2017

Community Population: 2,500+