Sauti Kuu, Kenya

Nearly 6,000 people live in the community of Sauti Kuu (Swahili for "Powerful Voices").

There was a well in the community, built in 2007 by an international charity. Sadly, like many wells in the area, it joined the statistic to become one of the 60% of water systems that are not functioning.

Rain became the main source of water for the community, but there is little available because of the drought. Disease rates are increasing because of lack of clean water.

Women, like the one from Sauti Kuu pictured in the image, have to travel long distances to try and get clean water for their children and families.

Well Aware will partner with The Nobelity Project and Shower Strike to provide this community with a new source of clean drinking water in 2018.

  • Project Date: February 2019