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Sikizana (Mwitasyano), Kenya

The Sikizana Trust for Community Development began in the community of Mwitasyano, Kenya in 2005 to support and empower children with disabilities, orphans, single mothers and people with HIV. There are around 2,000 people in the community, including the 800 primary and secondary school students.

The community has been relying on 2 very unsustainable boreholes.

Their primary water source is a borehole on electric power drilled in the 1990s at the Sikizana Trust’s center. For years, the borehole has had frequent breakdowns caused by electric low voltage and upsurges.

The center’s borehole is now completely broken and the community is having to utilize a different, low-yielding borehole located at the primary school.

This low yield causes people to have to wait in line for hours just to fetch water for the day. In turn, this makes it incredibly hard for the community to engage in economic activities and often requires children to miss school.

And, the low-yield well at the school often runs out completely.

Because of this, the Sikizana community went 6 months without water in 2017.

This must change.

The Sikizana community and another NGO have already started raising funds to rehabilitate this borehole. Thanks to Well Aware supporters and fundraising being done by the community, Well Aware will equip the borehole with a new pump and solar power in 2019. This will make the system sustainable and will have a dramatic impact on the lives of all in Sikizana.