Sikizana Trust Centre, Kenya

The Sikizana Trust for Community Development began in the community of Mwitasyano, Kenya in 2005 to support and empower children with disabilities, orphans, single mothers and people with HIV. Lack of reliable clean water made it incredibly difficult for the community to engage in economic activities and often required children to miss school.

Sikizana’s previous source of water was a borehole drilled in 2012 at the centre (by an organization other than Well Aware). The system was on electric power, which is unreliable in the area and caused the system to break down often. When this happened, the community relied on a low-yielding borehole at the primary school drilled in the 1990s. This low yield caused people to have to wait in line for hours just to fetch water for the day. Sometimes, they ran out of water completely.

After Well Aware visited Sikizana, our technical team determined that the best course of action was to re-equip the existing borehole at the centre with a solar submersible pump and solar power.

Thanks to sponsors Pani and the Greater Project, as well as funds already raised by the community, Well Aware was able to rehabilitate the borehole during the spring of 2019. The water system is now sustainable and will have a dramatic impact on the lives of all in Sikizana.

Project Type: Borehole rehabilitation

Year Completed: 2019

Population Impacted: ~1,500

Location: Mwitasyano, Kenya

Thank you to our project sponsors: