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Sweetwaters Girls School, Kenya

Sweetwaters is located near and supported by the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. This all-girls secondary school supports about 350 female students.

For a long time, the school fully depended on the community for their consumable water. The school was only able to retrieve water from the community tank when it overflowed. But, when water was not in excess and the tanks did not overflow, the students had no water.

The unreliability of clean drinking water led to the school buying water from the county, resulting in exorbitant costs for the school, having to purchase it every few days. Due to the high costs, hygiene was not a luxury the girls could afford, as the water had to be rationed.

Well Aware, with support from Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Terry and Peg Shea, completed a new deep borehole well with a solar submersible pump in 2021.

With their new well, Sweetwaters will no longer pay for water, ration it, or worry about where it will come from. This project will provide the plentiful clean water the students need to stay in school, stay healthy, maintain hygiene, and focus on their studies.

Project Type: New drill

Projected Population Impact: 350 with the opportunity to allow access to the community depending on final yield.