Tania Centre, Kenya

We implemented a water well for Tania Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Special Needs Children and the surrounding community. Tania Centre's school serves both day students and orphaned boarders. Tania Centre now has dormitories, classrooms, a playground, three greenhouses, a dairy farm, a rabbit farm, a pigsty, a chicken coop, and a tree-planting program. Additional recently completed projects on the land include a Biogas Tank and a dam that enabled creation of a fish pond. A new, larger, and better-equipped dormitory is also being built to serve more children.

Since the drill was completed, the Well Aware team has been back to visit several times, and has seen incredible growth in the community. Gardens and crops are flourishing, livestock are healthy and the capacity at the children's home has increased.

  • Estimated population with access to new water supply: 1,500 people
  • Partner organization: Tania Integrated Rehabilitation Centre
  • Completed August 2012
  • Development impact: education, healthcare, agriculture, aquaponics, disease control