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Barbara Joubert, November 29th, 2016

"I have personally witnessed Well Aware's work on the ground in Kenya. Their methodology in the most remote areas ensures that water is not only abundant, but sustainable for their communities. The changes I have personally witnessed are incredible and shows that Well Aware is truly committed to the whole community. I can't wait to travel back to Kenya with this group and show off this life-changing work."

Tina Brown | Founder and CEO of Live Media & Women of the World

"I was so impressed to hear your extraordinary story of pure determination and passion behind Well Aware. It's clear your organization philanthropy has become an engine for change and growth in communities in Kenya and beyond. I am struck by the extra mile you go to not only build new wells, but fix older broken systems and am absolutely delighted that Toyota has given you their Mother of Invention grant that I know you will use to continue your transformational work. Thank you again for joining us."

David Bolo with Davis & Shirtliff

"I look forward to 2016 with Well Aware. There are very few organizations that come anywhere near the caliber of Well Aware or the work that they do."

Donor, Great Nonprofits

"Well Aware is a great organization doing the type of work that offers the greatest return on every dollar donated. Every dollar goes to giving life to communities in need. There are very few charities that can come close to this type of purpose-driven return on the investment."

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