Shower Strike Hall of Fame

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Meet individuals who have affected incredible change through Shower Strike.

Each Hall of Fame Striker has been able to raise an extraordinary amount of funds for clean water projects - transforming the lives of many in our partner communities in East Africa. See their testimonials below about why they participate, what they love about it, and their advice to other aspiring Strikers!


Dawn Scholtens

“I Shower Strike to teach my students the importance of helping others and making a difference. It’s incredible to see the students go from not knowing what or where Kenya is to them being passionate about making a difference in the lives of children there. Plus, I love seeing all of the DIRTY t-shirts after a week of 7-year-olds not showering while wearing white shirts… And, It is not as bad as you think it will be. You actually get to stay in bed longer in the morning - no shower and no outfit decisions.”


Karambu Ringera

“I participated in Shower Strike because I come from a place where water is very scarce and what is available is not safe for drinking. Many children get waterborne diseases because we do not have clean water. I wanted to support Well Aware to enable them to take clean water to more places, especially in Africa. I love inspiring people to donate to my Shower Strike and actually doing it - NOT showering! New Shower Strikers: You will have fun while supporting a worthy cause!”

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Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day

“I participate in the Shower Shrike because I believe everyone deserves clean water. A clean, local well can have such a huge impact in providing a better life for any person, but especially a woman or child. That woman could be me. That child could be my son. It's important to be active in making social advances both at home and in places I may never in my lifetime visit. And, doing something good like this feels good.

Through Shower Strike, I’ve had an opportunity to interact with people I haven't spoken to in years as well as people I've never met. One piece of advice I would give for new Shower Strikers is to send personalized requests and thank you’s.”


Maddi Bourgerie

"I joined Shower Strike to do my part in providing clean water to those in need. I raised $1,110 in 3 days! It was amazing. I loved seeing how generous people can be. I used social media to educate my followers on the cause. Without even asking for their donation, my friends, families and even strangers felt compelled to participate in the fundraising. Tips for new Shower Strikers: show your passion for the cause and people will respond.”


Gayla Whinery

“I Shower Strike because I believe everyone should be able to have access to clean water and all the benefits that it provides - a chance for a healthy, successful, and vibrant future. I love talking to people about it - whether at work, social media, with strangers - when they see I'm on a Shower Strike, they want to know why. And the conversations are some of the best and eye-opening for others. It's a reminder of what most of us take for granted every single day. To new Shower Strikers: Know you are making a huge difference. Whatever the amount you fundraise, you raise even more awareness for Well Aware, and for water issues. You never know who you will inspire to join the team or donate in different ways."

Well Aware-58.jpg

Newton Hopkins (right)

“I’ve participated in Shower Strike since the beginning because I want to assist in providing clean water, the basic necessity in life, to those who don't have it or cannot easily access it. I love seeing the impact that Well Aware makes and knowing I am a part of it. For new Shower Strikers: Don't be afraid to get stinky (it's not that bad) and ask people to donate. All they can do is say no and it's for an amazing cause.”


Emily Twitchell


Mary Lockwood Crouch

“I participate because Well Aware rocks the Kenyan world by providing clean water for so many, especially the sweet children. My favorite part about participating is stinking, of course, so your friends will give and give! My advice for new Shower Strikers is to ask early for obvious reasons!”


Shelly Gray

“I Shower Strike to support Well Aware's valuable and effective work. My favorite part about participating is to be able to explain the event to others. I love talking to folks about it. My advice for new Shower Strikers is to talk and communicate about it - people love it!”


Curt Ivy

"I participate in Shower Strike to bring awareness to the amazing work Well Aware does to provide lasting clean water to East Africa. The best part about participating is not showering. It may seem like you're harassing your friends and family with multiple social media posts, but keep them coming. I had a friend donate to hit my goal, so he didn't have to see any more posts about Shower Strike!”


Claire Kelsey

“Shower Strike was an opportunity for me to gain a greater personal understanding of the very real realities of others and provoked a greater level of commitment to Well Aware's mission. It was also a chance for me to educate others about Well Aware and the water crisis and various opportunities to get involved in making a difference. I loved the conversations started by people's initial confusion of me not showering for a week. I encourage new participants to recruit friends to do it with you! Not showering is easier in herds. Kind of kidding, but social support is super helpful.”


Kelley Hartnett

“I've seen Well Aware's incredible work first hand, and it's impossible not to want to help it continue. I love telling my donors how many people they just provided water for! It's such an astounding impact. Tips for new Shower Strikers: Start early!”

Nick Kornblith.jpg

Nick Kornblith (right)

“I participate in Shower Strike because it is a great cause and my company, GloFish, proudly supports! My favorite part about it is having a great reason to reach out and connect with friends and family. To new Strikers: I recommend calling, messaging and emailing your friends and family personally/individually. Explain to them what Well Aware does and what the Shower Strike is. Ask each person if they would consider at least a small contribution to get you to your goal. And, it helps if you are REALLY, honestly doing the strike - that keeps you focused. Last, but not least, getting a friend or spouse to help support you is key - thank you, Leslie!!”


Trinh Nguyen

“I participate in the Shower Strike in order to raise awareness and funds for the amazing organization, Well Aware! My favorite part about participating in Shower Strike is definitely being able to share such an important message and raising awareness about the water crisis in Africa. My advice for new Shower Strikers is: start early, and make it personal! Be sure to spread the word to family and friends a couple of days before the Strike starts; invite them to join the Strike and encourage them to donate.”

Kristen DeYoung.jpg

Kristen DeYoung

“I help because luckily I can. I not only have the luxury of living a clean lifestyle, but my money can go SO FAR- $10 buys someone clean water for 25 years. This is a problem that won't be a problem forever if we help now. One thing I love about Shower Strike is getting attention from not showering and being able to spread awareness. I encourage new Strikers to wear the same shirt the entire time you are striking with an indicator of what day of the Strike it is. Talk to the people you see, post on social media. Any way that you can reach out to people, do it! Make sure they know you are NOT showering until you reach your goal of X amount. And, make sure they know how uncomfortable it is to not shower."

Mary Hingst.jpg

Mary Hingst

“I decided to participate because I believe everyone should have access to clean water. I love how I can get to talk to people about all the great work Well Aware does. One thing I would like new Shower Strikers to know is: You won't get donations if you don't ask.”


Meredith Delk

“I believe every person in the world should have access to clean water. My favorite part bout Shower Strike is to increase the visibility of the issue. I recommend new Shower Strikers to devote 30 minutes a day to it! Calls, emails, personal stories, social media. Use every avenue!”

Eric Bailey.png

Eric Bailey

“I Shower Strike because I want to help expand the reach of Well Aware to new communities. My favorite part of this is to be able to shower once I have met my goal. My advice to new Shower Strikers: Embrace the stink, reach out to your network, you'll be surprised how many people are ready to help out a great organization like Well Aware.”

Robin Barry.jpg

Robin Barry

"I decided to go on Shower Strike because clean water shouldn't be a luxury for anyone, anywhere. My favorite part about it is knowing that clean water = opportunity, especially for women and girls. Tips for new Shower Strikers: Baby wipes and dry shampoo are your friends! Stock up!”

Krystal Hatfield.jpg

Krystal Hatfield (left)

“I participate in Shower Strike because my 6th Grade daughter found the info on Instagram and begged me to Shower Strike with her! I now love participating because it brings awareness to an issue that everyone seems to ignore. Some methods I used and would like to recommend to new Strikers are: create teams, find companies that will match your donations, and direct text people to donate!”

Karen Thomas Pfeiffer.jpg

Karen Thomas Pfeiffer

"I Shower Strike because clean water is a basic necessity for all. It's an honor to help bring it to people and communities in need. Some bits of advice I have for new Strikers are Use deodorant. Get out of your comfort zone and ask for donations. Well Aware gives you the tools and makes it easy!”


Erinn Wright

“Clean water is a basic necessity of life, and I believe every human should have ready access to it, regardless of where they were born. It's important to create awareness that while it may not be a top-of-mind issue for us here, it is one of THE most top-of-mind issues for people in places like Kenya. Shower Strike enables me to make an impact not only on the communities abroad but on awareness and people here in our own community. Advice for New Strikers: Think about what moved you to donate or to join, and use that when creating content to promote your fundraiser. Put yourself in your friends/families shoes, and then write your posts or emails based on what they would be interested in hearing as an outsider who may not be familiar with the organization. If people can see your passion for the organization and the impact build over time, that has been the most powerful tool for me."

Naomi Moss.jpg

Naomi Moss

“Everyone deserves clean drinking water and I am very impressed with Well Aware’s impact not only making a difference in Africa but also in the U.S. after Hurricane Harvey. I enjoy meeting amazing like-minded people in our community at the awesome Shower Strike party and online as we support each other to raise as much money as possible, and offsetting my massive water use for a week! Advice to new Strikers: have fun! And, social media is key! Post pictures and live videos to raise funds. Also, if you go into a small business and ask if they want to support the cause, you can grab a photo and post a thank you on their social media pages, as well as your own!”


Dene McCormick (right)

“I participate in Shower Strike because I want to help children be able to live a healthy, vibrant life. At first, I was nervous about reaching my goal. But, when I saw the response from folks being so generous and noting what a great cause it was, I wanted to exceed my goal to bring as much assistance as possible to Well Aware. My favorite part about it is knowing the benefit and excitement that each person will feel when clean water becomes available to them every day.”

Stacey Harbour.jpg

Stacey Harbour

“I participate to honor of the tradition of giving by my company, GloFish, and fell in love with the cause. It's purposeful and so easy to do! I would recommend to new Shower Strikers: tag your donors’ giving on Facebook and constantly be grateful to them.”

Lori Patterson.jpg

Lori Patterson

“I participate because I want to raise money for the only water charity that has a 100% success and sustainability rate. My favorite part about participating is connecting people to the cause and discovering the motivation for their enthusiasm. My advice to new Shower Strikers: it doesn't hurt to ask!”


Cody Hudson

“It's not that often that you can do something that's so easy and does so much good. I love not having to shower! And thinking about how the money we raise will help so many people in need of clean water. My advice on a workaround to current Strikers… Swimming doesn't count!”

Jake 8764.jpg

Jake Marek

“I Shower Strike because I want to make a difference. My favorite thing about participating is to see all the different teams compete towards a common goal. To New Strikers: Start campaigning on social media a few days prior to the start of the week.”

About the Shower Strike

Every year, hundreds of people commit to skipping showers until they have raised $1,000 for clean water systems. And it only lasts one week! Last year, our strikers raised more than a quarter-million dollars- enough to provide 25,000 people with clean water.

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