Email #4: Third Fundraising Solicitation

Subject Line: The easiest way to change lives!

Hi (Name)

As you might know, I'm fundraising for an amazing nonprofit: Well Aware. Based in Austin Texas, Well Aware builds 100% sustainable wells and water systems in East Africa. I first got involved in Well Aware because (insert your reason why)

Well Aware’s annual Shower Strike campaign is more than just a yearly fundraising event for me. It is an opportunity to help save lives by providing sustainable water systems in East Africa.

My fundraising provides clean water to school children, orphans and entire communities enabling them to become healthy, receive education, and find prosperity. And this fundraising makes an impact: Thanks to last year’s Shower Strike, water-related disease rates in the African communities that Well Aware serves went down by 64 percent; access to education for girls increased by 58 percent.

I’m asking you to support me- and Well Aware- during my Shower Strike campaign because I believe it is one of the most cost effective ways to make a difference in the world:

· For a $10 donation, Well Aware is able to provide clean water to one individual for the next 25 years.

· For a $50 donation, 5 people can now get access to life changing clean water.

Think about it- for the amount of money you spend buying Starbucks for yourself and a friend, or what it would cost for a dinner and a night out- you could help people get access to clean water for decades to come.

Thank you so much for your support, and being in my community. Please consider supporting me and making a tax deductible donation to Well Aware by going to my page {include personal fundraising page link}.

Thank you for all of your support!


[Your Name]