This week, we're in the field drilling a brand new well for these crazy kids at Cheptoroi Primary School in Kenya. 💧🙌 There are nearly 700 kids at this school who have not had a reliable source of clean water, negatively impacting their health and education. Once the well is completed, things will be different. 🎬Tune in TOMORROW around 7 am EST / 2 pm EAT to see live broadcasting straight from the school on Day #3 of drilling. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Today, we broke ground on a brand new well at Cheptoroi Primary School. This school serves around 700 kids, and we’ll be onsite all week, working to bring them clean water. 🙌 Stay tuned for more updates & information on this incredible partner community. 💧

Mambo ("greetings") from Nairobi! 👋 Our Austin-based team is back in the field in Kenya & Tanzania with our East African team for our annual “rafiki” trip. We have an incredible group of team members, donors and partners who are here to witness and affect incredible clean water impact. For the next two weeks, we’ll be visiting past projects, reviewing upcoming projects, and drilling a brand new well for Cheptoroi Primary School. Stay tuned for updates directly from East Africa on our social channels & email newsletters! 📷: @johnlangfordphotography

“Before, we had to tell the sick we could not help them. There was illness always. Now, we can treat our sick and have water to drink, so we are healthy.” - Jane, Head Clinic Nurse 📍Ndabibi, Kenya 💧Well completed in 2013 📷: Brett Buchanan | #health #cleanwaterforlife

Can you imagine relying on this water for survival? Imagine walking 6 km (3.7 miles) each day to collect this unclean water. This is the average distance women & children in sub-Saharan Africa walk each day. How far do YOU walk each day for CLEAN water? 🚶‍♀️ 📷: John Langford Photography

📢Big News: the Well Aware team has been in the field in Uganda this week scoping out potential project work! We are in discovery phase: learning as much as possible and connecting with some incredible people on the ground here. We are excited about the possibilities in this beautiful country, and we look forward to sharing more with you when we can! 💧 . . . . . #uganda #wellaware #livewellaware #sdg6 #eastafrica #inthefield #cleanwaterforlife #water #update #waterwednesday @ Uganda

Your support means more than a water point for a community. 💧 At Well Aware, we believe that is only the beginning. We put our hearts and efforts into true partnerships with communities that yield lasting and incredible results. 📷: Brett Buchanan

Meet Amy (right), self-proclaimed “queen of the office." 👑 Fun fact: Amy used to work for World Championship Wrestling in Atlanta, Georgia. She has since channeled that energy to be a force of nature when it comes to event planning & wrangling everything together at Well Aware's Austin HQ. If you know Amy, you also know that her humor is unparalleled- she never ceases to make us laugh. And, we are so grateful to have her on our team. Happy Birthday, Amy! 🎊 📷: Matt Charnitski

To all the goofy dads out there, just trying to make their kids laugh; 💙 To all the father figures working hard to build a better future for your loved ones; 💙 This one’s for you. 👏Thank you. #HappyFathersDay 📷: Brett Buchanan

In developing countries, as much as 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. But, thanks to The Village and all of our supporters, disease rates have dropped 64% in Well Aware’s partner communities. 💧🙌 David in Miumbuni, and many others, can now thrive with access to clean water and less fear of disease. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Tag someone who looks at you like this. 🤪 Well Aware continues to maintain a 100% project success rate in the field. That sure makes us #smile this weekend (industry avg = 40%. Providing clean water to those who need it most should make you & that person smile, too! 📷: Lindsey Reed

Meet Mike: the cornerstone of our work. He has been present on every single project, since the very first one in 2010. He is now known across Kenya as the “maji man,” or “water man,” and has touched the lives of many. Ask Mike what he enjoys doing outside of work? "I have a fruit farm; I go down to tend my orange and mango trees!" His undeniable charisma, astounding patience, and heartwarming smile make it impossible not to love Mike. He is truly a gem, and we are incredibly lucky to have him overseeing all of our clean water work in the field! Today, we celebrate him. Happy birthday, Mike! 🎂🎉 📷: John Langford Photography

Imagine spending your childhood fetching water for your family instead of going to school. Imagine hiking miles to get unclean water from a river because that’s your only accessible source. This is the reality of too many kids. But, you have an opportunity to change this. ➡️Join our Village of monthly donors at and empower more kids every month. 📷: Lindsey Reed

WATER ISSUES are…. 💧Children’s issues 💧Women’s issues 💧Health issues 💧Education issues 💧Poverty issues 💧Innovation issues Will you take a stand with us? 📷: Brett Buchanan

Saints of Valory

The women of Dabba Juu broke out in celebration as the water gushed out from the earth, such a special moment for all of us! Video by the amazing Greg Davis - National Geographic Creative Photographer Well Aware #artofH20 #WideOpenSessions

Two years ago, we broke ground on a new well in the community of Daaba Juu, Kenya. It was nothing short of a magical, life-changing moment.

Water access, in respect to the work of Well Aware, refers to an absence of physical, governmental, economic or cultural barriers to clean, safe, locally-sourced water. Through our programs, Well Aware combats these barriers to ensure access to clean, safe water at all times for communities in Kenya. For every $10 donated, Well Aware is able to provide clean water to a person for decades. Click the link in our bio or visit to change lives with us. 📷: Brett Buchanan

More than the equivalent of twice the population of the United States lives without access to safe drinking water in Africa (WHO/UNICEF). Together, we CAN change this. Will you join our movement to provide #cleanwaterforlife? . . . 📷: Greg Davis - National Geographic Image Collection Photographer . . . #waterfactwednesday #waterwednesday #waterfacts #water #cleanwater #cleanwater4life #cleanwaterforall #cleanwater4all #waterislife #bethechange #livewellaware #sdg6 #sustainabledevelopment #socialchange #safewater #movement #changelives #worldenviromentday

“We are not a water charity. We catalyze true and permanent community-wide development through strategic and tailored clean water infrastructure. Our goal is to change the world and the way this work is done. We won’t accept a ‘solution’ that is ‘OK for a little while’.” - Sarah Evans, Founder 📷: Brett Buchanan

Many women spend hours, daily, collecting water for their households. As the pillars of their communities, their time could be much better spent earning an income or leading social change. Access to clean water is critical in empowering women for generations to come. . . . 📷: Lindsey Reed . . . #women #equality #empowerment #watercommittee #motivationaltuesday #tuesdaymotivation #motivationtuesday #water #cleanwater #cleanwaterforlife #cleanwater4life #cleanwaterforall #cleanwater4all #waterislife #education #health #futures #wellawareworld #wellawareaustin #nonprofit #austinnonprofit #sustainability #empowering #safewater

We just received inspiring news from Olmoran, Kenya about the impact our 2017 clean water project (in partnership with The Nobelity Project) has had on their schools. THIS is proof of why clean water is so important for health, education and growth. 💙🙌🎓 "The borehole had instant impact on student population and improved grades at Olmoran high, primary, nursery and special schools. Olmoran High students were 400 in 2017 but has since increased to 616 at the beginning of 2019 and the trend is the same in the other schools. 9 students among them 3 girls joined Kenyan universities with many more joining Diploma and Certificate colleges compared to much lower figures before 2017." - John Kimathi, Head of Olmoran High School We are so honored to be a part of changing futures and to have the opportunity to amplify impact through incredible partners like The Nobelity Project and generous supporters like you. Asante sana. 😊

Did you know that each of our partner communities establishes a water committee that oversees and maintains their water system? This ensures sustainability of the project and places decision-making into the hands of local leaders. Plus, at least 50% of each committee is made up of women. 🙌 📷: Lindsey Reed

“[With the new well], we won’t have to go too far for water.” Meet Joyce (left). Every day, she or her siblings used to walk 30 minutes to fetch water. Oftentimes, they would miss school because of it. Now, Joyce has reliable clean water near her home. She can focus more on her favorite thing: school. "One day," she dreams, "I want to be a pilot." Thank you, for enabling kids like Joyce to get back into the classroom, and get one step closer to achieving their dreams. 🚀 📷: Lindsey Reed