"I'm ready for my close-up." 😂 #FridayFeeling from students in front of their new clean water system at Njoguini Primary School in Kenya. 🎥: Erinn Wright

Ensure women can stop walking 9 miles to the river for water? Check Check. ✔️ Here’s the finished clean water project that was built in Alemach in 2014 in partnership with @GloFish_! 🤗 Since then, education has improved ⬆️, disease decreased dramatically ⬇️, and women are spending their days planting crops and growing businesses 🌾, instead of walking for water.💧 It’s incredible to see the progress and continued success of communities like Alemach long after the well is drilled! 💙 📷: Lindsey Reed

What an incredible celebration of clean water! Thank you for joining us on #WorldWaterDay, standing up for water awareness & speaking up for those who need it! Together, we are ensuring more friends can gain access to this basic right. 🎉We can't wait to see all you will continue to accomplish. #cleanwaterforlife 📷: Lindsey Reed

As you wash your hands today, think about the water that flows from the tap, and the ways it impacts your life. 💧 ➡️Do you have enough? ➡️Is it clean? ➡️Is it always accessible? Today, on World Water Day, we celebrate the value of clean water and the strides we have already made to ensure more people have reliable, plentiful access to this vital resource. 🎉 But, we also recognize that we still have a long way to go. Will you amplify your support this World Water Day & join our Village of monthly donors? 💪 Your commitment of $20/month or more will be invested in the futures of our partner communities. Visit 👉 to start investing today. Thank you for standing with us as we press forward towards #cleanwaterforall. 📷: Lindsey Reed

T-minus 3 days! 🎉Join us in making #WorldWaterDay2020 an inspiring and celebratory one. Because we all need some positivity right now, and together, we ARE working to help solve the global water crisis. Spread the word -- you’re changing the world!! 📷: Brett Buchanan

By supporting our clean water projects, you eliminate the long, arduous water treks for thousands of women & girls (who often carry up to 44 pounds across ~6 kilometers each day). When you give clean water, you empower them to spend their days on more important things -- like jobs or school. Clean water ➡️better gender equality Will you join us as we forge ahead towards a more equitable world? Visit to learn how you get involved in the fight for clean water this #WorldWaterDay! 📷: John Langford

To celebrate #WorldWaterDay (Sunday, March 22nd), we’re using the next five days to share facts, impact stories & the value of your clean water support! 💦🎉 Day 1 Fact: Did you know that 1 in 4 primary schools and 1 in 6 secondary schools have no drinking water service? (@unicef). We’re here to change that. 💪 Access to clean water ➡️ a healthier learning environment ➡️ 34% increase in attendance rates! Just take Olmoran, Kenya, for example -- in 2017, we completed a new well for this community (system seen here). Since then, school attendance & graduation rates have drastically improved. 🎓 “At Olmoran High School, students were 400 in 2017, but has since increased to 616…” Check out our story for more details about Olmoran’s success, and follow along as we share more water statistics and stories throughout the week! 📷: 1) Lindsey Reed Ivy 2) Manny Pandya Photography

"We can't back down now in the fight for clean water. And we won't." 💧💪 A message from Well Aware Executive Director, Kareece Sacco, about our response to COVID-19: "The growing coronavirus pandemic provides a great challenge for us as a global society. Thousands of businesses, individuals, nonprofits, and communities are feeling the devastation this virus has caused and are anxious about what’s to come. Here at Well Aware, we are feeling the effects as well. Our biggest fundraising and awareness campaign of the year, Shower Strike, is coming up during a time where personal hygiene and handwashing is of the utmost importance. We will not ask our Shower Strike participants to stop showering. There are many other alternatives to get involved in the campaign and make a difference. But with this recognition of the concern comes further recognition of the challenge we are trying to solve. How lucky are we to have water that we can use to wash our hands? And clean water we can drink to help our bodies fight off illness? Imagine if we didn’t….. Like the thousands of people in our East African partner communities who are waiting for access to what many of us have within a short grasp. Our clean water efforts are more important than ever before. This is our opportunity to further stand together and lift each other up. We can’t back down now in the fight for clean water. And we won’t. We hope you will join us as we press forward and continue to work around the clock to ensure more deserving people gain access to this most vital resource."

Our clean water systems have a #RippleEffect💧of impact on communities: Disease plummets ⬇️ Education increases ⬆️ Gender equality increases ⬆️ Agriculture and commerce grow ⬆️ Peace, stability and growth increase ⬆️ Learn more about the Well Aware Ripple Effect and how you can make a difference by visiting 📷: Lindsey Reed

“Water is life!”💧Meet Joy (12) in the Kaliini community of Kenya. She loves to read 📗and dreams of being a surgeon.👩‍⚕️ . Thanks to your support & a steady supply of clean water at her school, Joy can spend more time learning science (her favorite subject) and less time fetching water. 🎉 Now, she doesn't have to worry about waterborne illness interrupting her path to becoming a doctor. . Thank you for helping girls like Joy get one step closer to achieving their dreams. ✨ . . . #sdg6 #cleanwater #humanityfirst #humanstories #impactinglives #surgeon #dreamer #dreamersandoers #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayquotes #futuresurgeon

Here's to celebrating women around the world! 🌍Your boldness, strength 💪, and tenacity inspire us every day. Happy International Women's Day! #IWD

Only 40% of implemented water projects in Africa work, on average. We’re proud to say that 100% of Well Aware 70+ projects work, since the very first well in 2010, and are still providing lasting clean water to their communities. This success could not have been achieved without YOUR support! Thank you for helping us to provide #cleanwaterforlife! 💪💙 📷: Manny Pandya

Skip Showers 🚫Raise Funds 🚿Change Lives Want to help create a world where every human has access to the basic right of clean water? Early-bird registration for #ShowerStrike2020 is now LIVE on 💧 This powerful fundraising campaign is your chance to raise awareness & funds for lasting clean water projects. The Strike runs April 19-25th, and for every $15 we raise, one more person gains access to this vital resource. 🎉 Learn more & join today at the link in bio. 📷: Bill Albrecht

📸Captured: play time in Salaita! 🙌There’s no better way to celebrate the gift of water than to let loose and dance.💙💃 Also spotted: Salaita's solar-powered water system in the back! Photo by Kristi Shaw

“I am happy because of the project. We will use the water after visiting the toilet and can wash our hands.” Meet Ann, a 13-year-old in Cheptoroi, Kenya, who loves drawing and hopes to be a teacher one day. At home, she is responsible for washing clothes, mopping the house, cleaning the compound, and cooking. She walks 1 KM to school, where she loves learning about science and is excited for the new well that will help her focus on her studies. Join us in providing more girls like Ann with clean water for life by visiting 💧 #FacesofWater #CleanWaterForAll #LiveWellAware

When you give clean water, you enable education. 📚 Less time walking for water = more time learning. Thank you for empowering future leaders. 🙌 📷: Kristi Shaw

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta is proud to announce we are partnering with Well Aware for their annual Shower Strike, April 19-25. This is a powerful 7-day campaign to raise awareness of global water issues and raise funds for life-changing clean water systems. This year, a portion of funds raised will help Ol Pejeta's neighbouring communities gain access to clean water. We invite you to participate in this impactful, quirky fundraiser and to help us reach our goal of $500,000 raised for clean water. Sign up to Shower Strike here #ShowerStrike #WellAware #SDG6 #OlPejeta #CleanWater

We are thrilled to share that the extraordinary Ol Pejeta Conservancy will be joining us in this year's Shower Strike fundraiser, April 19-25th. 🚿🚫 A portion of funds raised through this powerful awareness campaign will help Ol Pejeta's neighboring communities gain access to clean water. 💧🎉 Mark your calendars & be a part of the impact! Early bird registration launches Monday, March 2nd. ➡️ More info @

That feeling when clean water is FLOWING & life is good! 😄💧 . . . 📷: @thelindseyreed . . . #smiles #goodfeeling #thursdayfeeling #thursdaymotivation #thursdayinspiration #happy #excited #lifeisgood #cleanwaterfeeling #water #happiness #goodvibes

Do you believe clean water is a human right? We do, too. 👏 That’s why, in April, we’re going on #ShowerStrike 🚫— skipping showers, raising awareness for global water issues, and fundraising to provide 30,000 more deserving people with lasting clean water. For too many, a clean drink of water is not a guarantee. A shower is often a luxury. It's the least we can do to skip our showers for a week, so that others can survive and thrive. 💧🎉 Join this year's Shower Strike & help create a world where every human has access to the basic right of clean water. 👉Visit to learn more. 📣P.S. You CAN participate & STILL shower if you need to! There are many alternatives. All that matters is raising awareness and fundraising to change lives. 📷: Lindsey Reed

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop Spread kindness this #ValentinesDay by getting involved with Well Aware's projects today. 💙 Whether you're giving $15 or $1,500, you have the power to help change someone's world with clean water. No contribution is too small. Give today at 🌍💧 📷: Lindsey Reed

Sometimes, you have to get creative.🤣• #Repost Well Beyond Our tech team was in the field last week installing a new water storage tank to support a community’s water system. 🎉 A crane wasn’t available at the time to lift the tank so this was the alternative! Our team & partners on the ground working hard as always towards #cleanwaterforlife. 💧💪

✨"Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ✨ - Unknown Water not only empowers you to live, it empowers you to dream. 💧 Thank you for unlocking the human potential of thousands through your support of #cleanwaterforlife. 📷: Lindsey Reed Ivy

Much of the burden of collecting water falls on women - who spend a significant portion of their days fetching it. 💭Imagine what would happen if clean access to water was easy, close & always available.🚰 More women could pursue further education or start a business. 🎓📈 When clean water is accessible, the future is limitless. 💙 📷: Lindsey Reed

Saturday dance party! 🕺 Spending time with community members & kids is one of our favorite things about this work. 💙Community relationships are key!

#DYK that over 443 million days of school are lost due to water-related illness each year? Something needs to change, and it all starts with having clean water and proper sanitation facilities at school. 💧 📷: Lindsey Reed

Where there is water, there is LIFE! 🙌 . At the Njoguini Primary School in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, we've seen incredible transformation since implementing a sustainable water project there last summer. . 💧The students have clean water to drink & keep them healthy. They've planted hundreds of trees and even built a garden for school lunches. 🌾Their nutrition is improving, education rates are increasing, and they have many plans for future development! 🎉 . Thank you for enabling these 250+ kids to start out each day stronger, healthier & happier! . . . 📷: Marvin Mwarangu . . . #livewellaware #waterislife #cleanwaterforlife #bethechange #enhancedfutures @ Ol Pejeta Conservancy

We believe every human has a right to water. 💧To us, this means: ✅ Water is affordable ✅ Water is clean and in abundance ✅ Water is close enough to home that time spent collecting it does not impede other important activities such as education or work If you agree, you can help more people gain this right by getting involved with our mission, spreading awareness, or donating! Visit our website for ways to help out. 📷: Lindsey Reed

It's safe to say these kids are excited for clean water... 😆💧 #FridayVibes with our hydreogologist from the field at New Hope Primary School where we drilled a new well in November! 📷: Mary Hingst | #cleanwaterforlife