When you support access to clean water for all, you invest in the education of young leaders. 🎓 With clean water, school attendance increases as kids spend less time carrying water & more time focusing on their studies. 📚 Clean water access is critical for education equality. 📷: Lindsey Reed

This week, our amazing community team is out in the field at Ol Pejeta Conservancy visiting a few of our partner communities. Their days are spent: ☑️Conducting WASH training ☑️ Building relationships with local leaders ☑️ Listening to their needs ☑️ Engaging with their challenges ☑️ Ensuring that each community is empowered to take ownership of their clean water system We can't wait to see what these communities will achieve with lasting clean water. 💧🙌🏾

The burden of water collection disproportionately affects rural women - causing them to experience higher levels of poverty and fewer economic opportunities than their rural male counterparts. But, when you invest in equitable clean water access, you change the possibilities for rural women and enable them to pursue entrepreneurial activities -- like farming. Empower a rural woman today by giving lasting clean water. #DayOfRuralWomen 📷: Lindsey Re

"My fear is to meet a boy who will tell me to stop reading... I want to read more books, become a nurse, treat people, and prove my talent." - Elizabeth (13) Elizabeth is a go-getter who will not let life (or anyone) push her down. She is determined to make her dreams come true, and because of you, Elizabeth has the clean water she needs to do just that. 💙 "Water to me is just like life." Because of you, Elizabeth no longer has to collect water for her family. She has more time to read, play, and work on becoming the doctor she hopes to be. 👏 Thank you for empowering strong young women like Elizabeth to reach their goals and influence their worlds for the better. #DayOfTheGirl 📷: Karen Kavete .

The moment when clean water begins to flow for the first time... ✨It's pure joy.✨ This week, our technical team finished equipping the water project at Cheptoroi Primary School, where we drilled our highest-yielding well in June. 💧💙 The well is now complete and ready to serve the 700 students at this school, as well as thousands more at the nearby secondary school and broader community. From this moment on, their futures are going to look very, very different. No more waterborne illness; no more time wasted walking to the river for dirty water. These students can focus on their dreams -- or simply being kids. 👏🎉 🎥: Karen Kavete

Water is a fundamental necessity that encompasses our lives in ways that we don’t always think about. By donating just $10, you are providing one person with clean water for life! When basic needs are met, a world of possibilities opens up. 📷: Lindsey Reed

“I am happy, excited, anxious and expecting. I usually carry water from the Ndaguru River on my back in 4 twenty-liter jerrycans. The water is not clean or safe for human consumption, but due to the need, I consume it as is… When there’s no water, I cannot cook. The house remains dirty. But, the children need water, the livestock needs water. With this new clean water source, it’s near my home, so I won’t strain to get clean water for my household.” - Zeddy, mother of three in Cheptoroi, Kenya Because of you, Zeddy won’t have to spend hours walking for unsafe water. She and her family will have the clean water they need to not only survive, but to thrive. . . . 📷: Lindsey Reed

An extraordinary group of people working together to bring about extraordinary change. Thanks Thirsty Planet Brewing Company for partnering with us to bring clean water to more deserving communities! 📷: Lindsey Reed

"If you join the Village you will have a constant feeling of joy because you know that what you do is important and helps so many people in rural places to have clean water. We lived in Kenya for two years and have seen the importance of clean water near to your home. Clean water is a question of justice." - Ingela & Hans, Village members since 2018 It's not too late to join this incredibly impactful community, The Village, & have your first-month donation matched. Visit to be a part of the joy of clean water every day.

"I've had a pet raccoon, I once took 27 flights in a two-month period, and I can sleep anywhere at any time." Meet Kareece, Well Aware's newly elected Executive Director. Frustratingly joyful, unbelievably sharp, and relentlessly dedicated are just a few of the words that describe the force that is Kareece. She is a talented, charismatic leader with a depth of intellect and a heart of gold. Today is her birthday, and we could not be more grateful to have her leading this organization's impact and success. Happiest of days and years ahead, Kareece! . . . . . . . . . P.S. Did you know the Well Aware staff members are also Village members? Join Kareece & the rest of the Well Aware team with a monthly investment that will scale our work and continually transform lives through clean water. First-month donations matched through Friday. Learn more at 📷: Lindsey Reed Ivy

"I'd like to be a large scale farmer. Water is my life. Before, when water from the hand pump well would run out, we had to walk 6 miles to get water. Famine and drought were our greatest worries." - Charles, 35, in Njoguini, Kenya Now, thanks to the support of the Well Aware Village, Charles has the reliable clean water he needs to grow crops, feed his children, and stop wasting hours walking for water. 💧🙌 Be a hero for someone like Charles each month by joining our Village. Just $10/month will change the lives of 12 people each year. ✨Visit to learn more. 📷: Lindsey Reed Ivy

Women and children spend an estimated 140 million hours each day collecting water. It’s within our power to change this. And, we must. Join our monthly donor community, The Village, to empower more women and girls through accessible clean water. All first-month donations are being MATCHED through September 27th by SeniorAdvice. Visit 📷: Lindsey Reed ivy

Pure joy; dancing for clean water. This is your impact as a Village member. Join the #celebration today at by choosing "monthly" or "annual" recurring donations. Just $10/month is enough to bring clean water celebrations to a new person every single month. Link in bio. #dancing #fridaymood #fridayfeeling #joy #happiness #impact #cleanwaterforlife

"It is easy to be a Village Member. For just a small donation per person a month, Well Aware is able to make a big impact on another person's life." 💫 Meet Alicia, Well Aware Village Member since 2018. "I was a teacher for six years and now I am working for an environmental consulting company. I am also in grad school getting my MBA. I hope to one day work for a non-profit that supports the environment or education or both! I love nature and wildlife, traveling, reading and dance parties." 💧To join Alicia in the Village and affect incredible impact each month, visit Join before September 27th and have your donation MATCHED. 🙌

When you give clean water, you give opportunity.💧 Your monthly or annual gift could be the difference between a girl finishing school, a dad being able to care for his children, or a mother securing work. Join our Village of sustaining donors today, and have your first donation MATCHED by SeniorAdvice. 👉Visit

"I love dancing and giving advice." 💃Meet Belinda, 16 years old in the community of Sauti Kuu, Kenya. "My personal goal is to be a journalist and make my family proud of me." She used to collect water for her family from a tap near their house, but she it was rationed and she was not sure whether it was clean. "Before, we didn't have enough water. Sometimes, we would have to sleep without eating or bathing." Because of the support of our Village of monthly and annual donors, Belinda is now free from water worries. She has the plentiful clean water she needs to become the journalist she dreams of being. 💧🤩 Support more dreamers like Belinda by joining our Village. Sign up now at & choosing "monthly" or "annual" donations. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Well Aware

Thank you to everyone who came out to Well Aware's first event in Dallas at The Rustic! We had a great night celebrating clean water.

HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to our first-ever Village event in Dallas last week! We had a great time at The Rustic - Dallas and loved speaking with you all about how you can get involved with clean water impact through our Village of monthly and annual donors. 💧🙌 Thanks for making it so special.

"I have seen first hand what not having clean water can do to an entire community. To provide water is the most important gift to mankind...Providing clean water enables the community to provide for themselves and prolong life under better circumstances" 🇰🇪Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, John's personal experience and understanding of the value of clean water led him to join Well Aware's Village of devoted monthly and annual donors last year. "I wanted to be a part of giving life where hope was none and see the transformation - it's what life's all about." 🙌 To join John in this transformational community, visit All first-month donations MATCHED through September 27th. ⬅️