"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" -Gandhi At #WellAware, it is our mission to help others for as long as we can! Photo by Brett Buchanan #service #helping #happiness

Our #WellAware team constantly creates great things by putting their bright minds together! They are doing what they do best: innovating and changing lives through building water systems with #cleanwater! #Team #ChangingLives #GreatMinds Photo by John Langford Photography

We love our Rafikis! We would like to recognize Tim, Emily, Daniel and Ruby. This group assisted our technical team on project sites, played with all the kids, and even helped to plant gardens. Without them, this trip would not have been the same. #Grateful #TechTeam #Tanzania #Kenya Photos by Kareece Sacco

This past week in Kenya, we have met so many kind people who have been impacted by Well Aware's work. This is the reason we do what we do. Clean water changes everything and impacts lives everyday. #kindness #community Photo by John Langford Photography

The happiest of birthdays to our amazing, wonderful, loving Office Manager, Amy! Thank you for being a part of the team and for bringing so much light and laughter to the office. We love you and hope you have a fabulous day! #HappyBirthday #Grateful #WellAwareTeam

Sending our love to each and every amazing dad out there. We are so thankful for your sacrifice, support, and love. Happy Father's Day! #FathersDay #Grateful

Without our tech team, our projects would not be possible. These people are our experts who work sun up to sun down on project sites ensuring that every project we implement will be sustainable and lasting. Thank you to our Kithoka Teach Team Members- Kristi Shaw, Eric Bailey, Kathryn Bergmann, and Mike Mutuku- we are so grateful for each of you! #Grateful #CleanWater #CleanWater4Life #TechTeam Photos by Kareece Sacco

These are just a few of the beautiful people we have encountered on our trip to Kenya these past couple of weeks. Clean water that Well Aware has provide is directly impacting each of these individuals, and this is only possible because of donors like you. We thank you and they thank you. #Thankful #Impact #CleanWater4Life Photos by John Langford Photography

Rafiki means 'friend' in Swahili, but our Rafikis this year are more then friends, they're family! We want to give special shout out to some of our medical clinic team members- Erinn Wright, Bart Doney, Ranae Pettijohn, Chris Self, and Ken Gray. This group worked many long days in the medical clinics treating people from all over the communities we visited. We are so grateful that you all chose to join us on this amazing journey! #Rafiki #MedicalClinic #Grateful Photos by Lindsey Reed

Drilling Day 2: As We're sure you've seen- we hit water today in Kithoka, Kenya! This is what we work so tirelessly for, this is where your donor dollars are going- bringing clean water to those without. We have an amazing drill team here in Kenya along with an incredible group of Rafikis who we will be highlighting in the coming days. More trip photos to come! #Rafikis #FieldWork #DrillSite #CleanWater4Life Photos by Kareece Sacco

Million Mile Secrets

Million Mile Secrets hosted our first Travel w/ Miles Meetup & Exclusive Happy Hour on Thursday, June 14! Over 60 guests attended, and we raised over $200 for Well Aware, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to people in need. Our donation is enough to support over 20 individuals for a lifetime of free & clean water! Emily Jablon, who co-founded Million Mile Secrets, gave a talk to beginners on how they, too, can travel the world for a fraction of the price. The discussion covered how Million Mile Secrets can help others achieve their travel dreams by having knowledge of how credit works, the importance of having a travel goal, and knowing which credit cards can help them achieve that goal! We handed out four $50 gift cards to special winners, and everyone went home with our brand new Million Mile Secrets T-shirts! If you missed last night’s talk and want to learn more about how to have Big Travel for Small Money, then sign up for our free newsletter to get custom content delivered straight to your mailbox! Link: Special thanks to Impact Hub for sharing your wonderful event space and hosting us!

Thank you so much to Emily Jablon and our friends at Million Mile Secrets for featuring us at your Travel w/Miles Meet Up! Because of you, we raised enough to bring water to 20 people for life *AND* we learned a lot of great travel tips, too!

A special shout out to the best travel coordinator and birthday girl! Without you, our Rafiki trips would not be possible. You have given so many people the opportunity to come see our work and have helped to shape so many lives. Thank you for all that you do thank you for spending your birthday here with us in Kenya! #HappyBirthday #Grateful #Kenya #TheLastMile #Rafiki Photo by Manny Pandya Photography

We know it’s early in the US right now, but it’s WATER time here in Kenya! We have had so much water coming out of the ground today and we are SO excited. Thank you to everyone-especially this year’s Shower Strikers- who have made this possible. The people of Kithoka, Kenya will now have clean, drinkable water because of YOU. #Grateful #Maji #CleanWater #ShowerStrike 💧💧💧

We love seeing the beautiful faces of children in the communities that we meet! BUT we love it even more when we know that they will grow up with #cleanwater! They are the future, and we thank everyone who has been a key component to making this happen! Photo by John Langford

Happy Drill Day! We officially broke ground on our newest project in Kithoka, Kenya. We are so grateful to be working on this project and will continue to send updates as the drill continues this week! #CleanWater4Life #WellAware #TechTeam Photos by Kareece Sacco

These are just a few of the children that will be directly effected by the new rainwater catchment system our team installed in Kimotorok, Tanzania this week. Women and children carry most of the burden when there is no access to #cleanwater, and because of supporters like you, these are the very children that will now lead healthier lives. We thank you and they thank you. #CleanWater4Life #RainwaterCatchment #Children #Health Photos by Kareece Sacco

Well Aware is all about #cleanwater, but during our Rafiki trips we like to work on impacting all parts of the community with all the extra helping hands we have. Our Rafikis have been running medical clinics in the communities as well as working with another Toyota USA Mother of Invention, Ting Shih, in the field. So many exciting things happening including breaking ground on a new borehole drill tomorrow! #CleanWater4Life #WellAware #Impact #Rafiki Photos by John Langford Photography

Motivate and Inspire are words that come in mind when we think about you, because that is what you do! If we didn’t have a colleague like you on the team, completing projects would have been a wishful dream. Happy Birthday Mike Mutuku! We are so fortunate to have you as a leader and key member at #WellAware. Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do!

Today was our Tanzania teams last day on site in Kimotorok. We celebrated our progress with gifts from the local Masai women, dedication sign presenting, and smiles from everyone. A special thank you to Mary Ellen Fine and Humanity for Children for making this project possible. #CleanWater4Life #Tanzania #Rafiki #Grateful #WellAware

Today our Rafiki group visited the community of Alamach where Well Aware completed a water project in 2014. We ran a medical clinic, played with [more] kiddos, and took surveys within the community. Alamach is thriving and we love getting to show our work to more and more people each year. Tomorrow we head to the International Peace Initiatives for the week. Stay tuned for more updates from the field! #Kenya #CleanWater4Life #TechTeam #Grateful Photos by John Langford Photography

We would like to wish Tom Murphy a Happy Birthday! Thank you for the job you do, the support you provide, and the selflessness you bring to the table everyday. Wishing you all the happiness you deserve. Have a wonderful birthday!

Today our Rafikis visited two communities we have worked with in the past- Daaba and Daaba Juu. We met local community members, were welcomed with a performance by the school children, ran a medical clinic, and played lots of games with the little ones! It's safe to say we are off to a great start here in Kenya and look forward to many other days like this in the coming weeks. #Kenya #Rafiki #CleanWater4Life #WellAware Photos by John Langford Photography

Another productive day with the Tanzania Rafiki team! The new rainwater catchment system for the community of Kimotorok is on it's way to being completed. We tested new gutters, took water quality samples, and played with some kiddos (as usual). #Tanzania #Rainwater #CleanWater4Life Photos by Kareece Sacco

We would love for you all to join #WellAware at our Summer Happy Hour at Impact Hub. Bring your friends and family to come enjoy complimentary cold beverages and delicious snacks and also learn more about the way we're transforming the world through #cleanwater. Please RSVP on our Facebook page at:

Meet our 2018 Rafikis! Everyone arrived to Kenya safely this week and we are now off to the Isiolo area to visit old project sites, run medical clinics, and collect community surveys- but first, a stop at the Equator! 💙🌍 #Rafiki #Travel #CleanWater4Life #Kenya #WellAware Photo by John Langford Photography

All the Rafikis have now arrived in Africa! To start off our trip, a group of our tech team split off to Kimotorok,Tanzania to implement a rainwater catchment system there. We’re starting off this trip hard at work and look forward to bringing everyone more updates! Stay tuned. 💧🌍



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