The dreams that communities are able to achieve with a closer source of water are limitless. They include: increased hygiene, kitchens, gardens, tree farms, more school buildings, and so much more. New water systems help communities thrive in more ways than they ever imagined before, and it’s an honor to watch this transformation unfold. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Calling all sci-fi fans! We’re excited to announce that in partnership with Genius Media, a percentage of profits from their fantastic new sci-fi collection, Galaxia, will benefit Well Aware and our ongoing projects. Pre-order & #readforgood here:

Every day, you are changing lives. Empowering a mother across the world… Providing a child with a chance at a better future… The impact you affect by supporting Well Aware is limitless. Thank you for your commitment to #cleanwaterforlife! 📷: Lindsey Reed

On #WorldPhotographyDay, we want to thank all of the talented photographers everywhere who capture impact and enable the power of connection around the world. Without you, nonprofits like Well Aware would not be able to convey the true transformation that occurs because of our supporters. Thank you to all who have helped us share the power of clean water through beautiful images: Lindsey Reed, Greg Davis, Manny Pandya, Matt Charnitski, John Langford, and Brett Buchanan. 📷: Manny Pandya

Meet Mercy. Favorite subject: Science. Dreams? To become a doctor. Mercy is a 14-year-old at Cheptoroi Primary School in Kenya. Each day, she walks over 3 miles to fetch water from a river for her family. Mercy then has an additional 4-mile walk to carry water from home to school. This is a time-consuming, arduous task that takes away from her studies and from her favorite activity: reading. 📖 But, because of your support and the new water well we implemented at her school this summer, Mercy won’t have to walk for hours to carry water anymore. She’ll have the clean water, and the time, she needs to follow her dreams. Thank you for helping kids like Mercy reach for the stars. 💫 📷: Lindsey Reed

Looking at the clock like 👀 This weekend, our technical team, Well Beyond, is investigating bone char treatment for high-fluoride levels in groundwater. This kind of water treatment has worked really well for past Well Aware projects and we’re excited about the potential it can have on other future partner communities! Comment and tell us what YOUR weekend plans are!! 📷: Manny Pandya

There are an estimated 13.54 million women (and 3.36 million children) who are responsible for water collection trips that take 30 minutes or longer, (NPR). This significantly cripples economic opportunities, impedes education, and stagnates gender equality. Together, we must work together to empower women and children by reducing the amount of time spent collecting water. Will you join us? 📷: Brett Buchanan

A vision of clean water for all. For better education, health and community. It’s a vision for the next generation. And, it starts now. 📷: Brett Buchanan

Kids like these are our future! Today is #YouthDay. It's a time to: ☑️Celebrate young leaders as essential partners in change ☑️Recognize our responsibility in fostering their success ☑️Raise awareness of the issues inhibiting youth; like easy access to clean water. Too often, water scarcity stifles opportunities for kids. More hours spent collecting water means fewer hours spent in the classroom. Together, we must commit to expanding clean water access to empower the world’s youth and allow them to thrive. Today, help a young leader succeed by giving just $10 at 📷: Erinn Wright

Meet Karen, our rockstar Community Manager. 🤩She's the one who manages relationships with our partner communities, listens to their needs, and ensures they have the resources and knowledge required to make their clean water systems sustainable. "I'm a sociologist with a banking background. I'm practicing sociology with Well Aware for the first time in my life!" When she's not working hand-in-hand with our fantastic communities, Karen loves reading poetry or spending time with her three-year-old, Ruby. Ask her what her favorite quote is? "If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” - Mother Teresa Happy birthday, Karen! 🎉We're deeply grateful for your talents and your dedication to the clean water cause. You have impacted many lives and we are honored to have you on this team. 📷: Erinn Wright

1) 🙃2) 🤩3) 😯4) 😄5) 😌6) 😚 This is how they feel about #cleanwaterforlife. Which emoji describes how you feel today? 📷: Manny Pandya

There is no single way to fix the water crisis because every area is so different, dynamic, and context-specific. Some of the factors that impact access & allocation of water include level of education, the fertility of the land, various scales of politics, the health of the surrounding economy, and the state of gender equality. That’s why we provide highly tailored water projects - because no two communities are the same. And neither should the solutions be. ✅ 📷: Manny Pandya

Clean water brings joy to girls around the globe. 🌍 They celebrate not having to walk miles to carry water. They celebrate being able to focus on school. They celebrate health and the reduction of waterborne diseases. Most of all, they celebrate transformed futures. Thank you for bringing this joy to more girls. 🎉🙌 📷: Erinn Wright

Clean water brings joy to girls around the globe. 🌍 They celebrate not having to walk miles to carry water. They celebrate being able to focus on school. They celebrate health and the reduction of waterborne diseases. Most of all, they celebrate transformed futures. Thank you for bringing this joy to more girls. 🎉🙌 📷: Erinn Wright

The availability of clean, safe drinking water is a prerequisite to achieving all of the other development indicators; including health, education, equality and growth. It all starts here. 📷: Lindsey Reed

City of Austin Public Works

Today we're spotlighting one of our employees, Eric, who recently took a 17-day personal trip to Kenya to help put a well into a community. This is Eric's 4th trip to East Africa to install wells. At Public Works, Eric is a Project Management Supervisor for the Capital Project Delivery division. He also partners with the Austin nonprofit Well Aware, using his professional expertise to help others. Eric is passionate about Well Aware's mission to provide reliable access to clean water. He says that the water crisis is a real challenge for rural communities. It particularly affects women and girls because of their expected duties to provide water for households. We celebrate all our employees who go the extra mile – or 8,849 miles, as the case may be!

We're so grateful for tech team member, Eric Bailey! He is truly a force behind our clean water work, and he's doing incredible things in East Africa, Austin, and beyond. 🙌

Meet Charles. 👋A 14-year-old with big hopes to become a police officer and “help society.” When he is not cooking for his family, Charles enjoys playing football and swimming. At school, he loves learning social studies. Until now, his greatest worry was water. Most days, Charles walked to collect water from a river. “When there is no water, I feel bad and tired because I can’t wash my body.” With the new well drilled at his school in Cheptoroi, Kenya, Charles won’t have to worry about walking long distances, or running out of water. He can feel energized, and healthy, with the clean water he needs to thrive.💧😁🚿 📷: Erinn Wright

“Between true friends even water drunk together is sweet enough.” ~ African proverb 👫👭👬 We are so grateful for all of our "rafikis" (friends in Swahili) around the world who make clean water a possibility for kids like these. Without you, this impact would not happen. You make our water even sweeter. Thank you for all you do. #FriendshipDay 📷: Lindsey Reed Ivy

There’s something so special about the moment clean water begins to flow in a community… The joy is palpable. You can almost hear the hope and the dreams as people realize their lives are about to be very, very different. 📷: Brett Buchanan

Direct contact with communities, real relationships with beneficiaries, and having an agile, flexible model... not just the most effective way to provide lasting clean water; it’s the ONLY way to create longterm success & impact. 📊📈 📷: Lindsey Reed

"The school will be changed with this water. 💧It will ensure our children are happy and the food they are eating is clean. They used to go to the dam...sharing with the animals... It was not good for human consumption. These waterborne illnesses will no longer affect our children. 💙It is a precious gift you have given us." - Julius, head teacher at Njoguini Primary School Thanks to our incredible friends at Richard's Rainwater, more than 250 students, as well as the greater community, are beginning to thrive with reliable clean water. We couldn't do this work without generous partners like you! 📷: Lindsey Reed

More than 1/3 of Africa’s population lacks access to safe drinking water. This must change. Everyone should be able to get their hands on clean water, not just for a little while, but for LIFE. 💧Help every child & family gain access to this basic human right by joining our movement. Visit the link in bio or to make a difference with us. #sdg6 #changetheworld #water

In a very dry area of northern Kenya, there is a community called Alamach. They once suffered greatly from water-related illness and no opportunity for development. 💧With the only source of water from a river over 14 km away, the women and children spent their days, in the hot sun and dust storms, walking for water. 🚶‍♀️The mothers in Alamach were distraught from the high rates of infant mortality. And, the community felt hopeless. Well Aware installed a water well in Alamach in 2014. Since then, infant mortality & disease have plummeted. 🌽They now have acres of crops and they are cultivating new plots. Their children are nourished, and they are generating income from the sale of the extra crops. Alamach is thriving & the futures of its 7,000 residents are looking bright. ✨ Because of you, transformation like this is possible for thousands of people. Help provide clean water to more communities like Alamach by donating or getting involved at 📷: Lindsey Reed