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#ShowerStrike Day 3: We want to highlight Salaita, Kenya— a community we're working with that has over 2,000 people subjected to less-than-clean water—giving rise to PREVENTABLE diseases like typhoid and diarrhea. This is #WhyWeShowerStrike. Photo by Lindsey Reed

Austin rock group teaming up with Well Aware

Saints of Valory is teaming up with the non profit Well Aware to help send clean water to communities that need it in Africa. Gavin Jasper and Stephen Buckle with the band and Executive Director/founder of the non profit Sarah Evans talk more about what's going on.

Thank you FOX 7 Austin for having Sarah N. Evans and the Saints of Valory on this morning to talk all about #ShowerStrike! Watch their interview here-


In rural Africa, children walk all day to return with only unsanitary water, preventing them from going to school. I’m on Shower Strike and starting to stink. #ShowerStrike Please help make a difference by making an online donation.

Tara Hays is another awesome #ShowerStrike advocate who is asking for your help! Donate to her wonderful campaign and help us continue our goals of clean water at #WellAware!


Every year, hundreds of people around the world #ShowerStrike to transform lives through clean water. Together, Shower Strikers have raised over $1,000,000 to build wells and water systems in east Africa and have been able to provide water to more than 100,000 people. Please join Shani, Vanessa and local organization Well Aware in the fundraising campaign for clean water.

Help Theo, a dedicated advocate of #CleanWater4Life, reach her goal this #ShowerStrike!

Happy #ShowerStrike Day 3! Getting stinky yet? We have surpassed 20% of our goal and are trucking along to hit 30% (and beyond) today. Keep it up Strikers and remember that you are helping us to change lives through #cleanwater! Photo by Manny Pandya

Tomorrow morning our founder and CEO, Sarah N. Evans, and the Saints of Valory will be on FOX 7 Austin to talk about all things #ShowerStrike! Tune in at 8:50am CT.

Meet an awesome first-time #ShowerStrike participant, Claire Waller! This #WellAware student ambassador for Lake Travis HS has a team of 9 students fighting for #CleanWater4Life! "My hope is that I will be able to spread awareness and educate members of my community on issues people face and what Well Aware does to help them." Help support Claire's fundraising goal and donate here: #WhyWeShowerStrike

Happy #MondayMotivation and happy 2nd day of #ShowerStrike! For everyone who is participating or donating, just know that all funds raised for Shower Strike will go towards bringing #cleanwater to kiddos like this one. You are all helping us to change lives! Photo by Greg Davis - National Geographic Creative Photographer

Our founder and CEO Sarah N. Evans will be live from EarthX here on our Facebook page @ 1:30pm!

DAY ONE of #ShowerStrike has started! We're excited to see how you all meet your fundraising goals and raise awareness about #CleanWater4Life this week! Keep #WellAware updated, we're ready to make #SS2018 the best one yet! #WhyWeShowerStrike

Bring your competitive streak to #ShowerStrike, because we have some leagues going head-to-head! Check them out at and let #WellAware know if you plan to out raise another person or team—we'll set you up in one! #WhyWeShowerStrike #CleanWater4Life

#ShowerStrike starts TOMORROW! Join #WellAware in our annual effort to raise money and awareness for #CleanWater4Life. Get your loved ones involved, get competitive and get ready for an awesome week! Sign up here if you haven't already: #WhyWeShowerStrike

We've got some pretty good reasons #WhyWeShowerStrike. And some pretty great ways to do it, too. Sign up for #ShowerStrike so you can work toward #CleanWater4Life with #WellAware and all your friends!

#TBT to the amazing Sunset Stinkers who supported #WellAware by doing #ShowerStrike in 2012! Thank you for proving that you can work toward #CleanWater4Life at any age. Sign up here for your turn this #SS2018: #WhyWeShowerStrike

Our founder, Sarah Evans, will speak at #EarthX! Join us at the largest #EarthDay celebration, which includes a conference, expo and film festival focused on solutions for our planet! 🌎 You can find out more at #EarthXFilm #Earthadvocates



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