Meet Rose. You could change her life. Rose and her siblings walk 4 kilometers to fetch water daily. The water is not clean and her family often gets sick from it, but they don’t have another water source. Sometimes, they even have to move settlements based on access to water. Rose told us in March 2019: “Reliable access to clean water would change our lives. We would be healthier because it would reduce waterborne disease, help cleanliness, and also support irrigation.” Join Shower Strike today, and funds raised will go toward providing Rose and the entire community of Njoguini, Kenya, with clean water for life. Help Rose today: 📷: Nancy Ingutia

Happy Earth Day & happy first OFFICIAL day of Shower Strike! 🌍 Hundreds of people globally are pledging not to shower until they raise money to provide clean water for those who need it most. This is probably the last time your friends will smell good, so cheer them on and donate! 📷: Lindsey Reed

Time spent collecting water is time women aren't spending with their families or focusing on jobs. Help women take back their lives by raising funds for more clean water systems through #ShowerStrike. Less than 24 hours until the Strike begins. Register today at 📷: Lindsey Reed

We dare you to sniff our Strikers next week... 😆But, it may be fresher than expected. We're partnering with Primal Pit Paste to provide a complimentary mini jar of deodorant to all Strikers to help get them through the week! This group has developed healthy, natural & organic deodorants that actually work. 🙌 Strikers, check your inbox for details on how to get your first #PrimalPitPaste experience. 📷Courtesy of Primal Pit Paste

“It's not that often that you can do something that's so easy and does so much good. I love not having to shower! And thinking about how the money we raise will help so many people in need of clean water." - Cody Hudson, Tech Team Member Meet Cody (middle) and Daniel (left). These incredible humans have been Shower Strikers, technical team members, and major advocates for our clean water work for years. They have gotten INTERA Inc. involved in the Strike and the cause, transforming countless lives through their extreme dedication as individuals and employees. We are deeply grateful for these awesome guys and for everything INTERA Inc. has done to help us scale our work! A round of applause for these changemakers. 👏 📷: Brett Buchanan

Round Rock ISD

Grisham Middle School and Hernandez Middle School partnered with Austin's Well Aware in their school-wide community project to walk for clean water. Watch the video to learn more!

We are so inspired by these incredible middle school students from Round Rock ISD! They're committed to learning about global water issues AND taking action to reduce water scarcity by raising funds through #ShowerStrike. 🙌

159 million people collect their drinking water from surface water, such as ponds and streams, (UN-Water). That was the reality of these students in Miumbuni, Kenya. But now, thanks to the support of #ShowerStrike sponsor, GloFish of Spectrum Brands, nearly 3,000 people in Miumbuni won’t have to fetch water from this dirty dam ever again. 📷: Lindsey Reed

“I participate in Shower Shrike because I believe everyone deserves clean water. A clean, local well can have such a huge impact in providing a better life for any person, but especially a woman or child. That woman could be me. That child could be my son...” - Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day, Shower Striker since 2014. Join Mary Elizabeth in doing good by signing up for #ShowerStrike today at 📷: Matt Charnitski

“I am happy to see the new well being drilled. When it’s done, my dad won’t have to go so far for water and I can also go fetch the water by myself.” Meet Ian (middle). Ian loves playing ball in his free time. His duties at home are washing dishes and herding goats. His favorite subject is Kiswahili, although he told us that “school gives too much homework and no time to play.” One day, Ian wants to be a driver and own his very own big house. By joining #ShowerStrike, you're helping kids like Ian get one step closer to achieving their dreams. Sign up today at 📷: Lindsey Reed

Kaiseyie hopes to become a great farmer. But, her community, Salaita, does not get enough rainfall to provide for basic needs or farming. Instead, she used to collect water from a low-yielding borehole at the Salaita Primary School, which is 3 kilometers away, and she often had to wait in line for hours. When the water there ran out, she was forced to go to the next town over, which was risky, and conflict often arose. Thanks to Shower Strikers, Kaiseyie now has sustainable clean water to thrive and become the great farmer she’s destined to be. “I’m so happy because the water is near my house. It will cause less sickness and allow for bathing, washing, drinking, cleaning, livestock, and farming.” 📷: Lindsey Reed #ShowerStrike

All her life, Kaiseyie has been living in Salaita. She is married and has four kids who all go to school while she works at home making beaded jewelry, fetching water, and collecting firewood. Her personal goal is to become a great farmer. But right now, Kaiseyie told us that Salaita does not get enough rainfall to provide for basic needs or farming. Instead, she collects water from a low-yielding borehole at the Salaita Primary School, which is three kilometers away, and she often has to wait in line for hours. When the water there runs out, she must go to the next town over, which is risky, and conflict often arises. Kaiseyie told us in November 2018: “I’m so happy to see the well being drilled because the water is near my house,” she told us. “It will cause less sickness and allow for bathing, washing, drinking, cleaning, livestock, and farming.” 📷: Lindsey Reed

Sharon’s dream is to be a musician. She loves creating songs and dancing. At school, she enjoys studying mathematics and science, because she finds the subjects easy and interesting. At home, her duties are fetching water and cooking food. Every few days, she walks 12 kilometers to fetch water from a dam. There are many things she likes about her community- people there are caring, supportive and loving. She just hopes to one day be able to get rid of the dangerous fluoride water they must drink. “Water means life,” Sharon told us in March 2019: “We often get sick and have toothaches from the [high] fluoride levels in the water, so I’m very happy and excited for a new well. We will finally have non-fluoride water.” Funds raised through this year’s #ShowerStrike will go towards providing Sharon and the entire Mirera community with clean water, free from harmful fluoride and other contaminants. Help Sharon by joining today: 📷: Karen Kavete


Olmoran High school borehole serving hundreds of thirsty Olmoran residents in this prolonged dry spell. Thanks to The Nobelity Project and Well Aware both of Austin - Texas for funding of the borehole in 2017. Regards Turk Pipkin, Christy Pipkin, Sarah N. EvansSarah N. Evans, Mike Joshua Mutuku and all Rafikis in USA plus all Well Aware - Village members. I pray for more support to 2019 ' shower strike' campaign to help grant clean water to other thirsty people in some other part of the world.

We are overjoyed to see the community of Olmoran, Kenya, thrive with clean water, despite a prolonged drought. 💙 Thanks to the help of The Nobelity Project, we were able to complete this water system in 2017 that now sustains the entire community of more than 2,500 people. Here's to funding more projects like this so that even more communities are able to build better, healthier futures!

One of the best moments in this work is finally hitting water in the field- and knowing that lives will be transformed forever from that day on. 📷: Lindsey Reed

We are blown away. Meet Sophia (middle). She held a lemonade stand for us last week and raised almost $300. 👏 That’s some pretty awesome impact (& she’s only in kindergarten). She has a huge heart and even greater ambition to do good. ✨ Thank you for partnering with us, Sophia and Scott, we are inspired by your passion! #lemonade #fundraising #impact #kindergarten #dogood #austintx #atx #youngphilanthropist #youngleader #futureleader #bethechange

“I Shower Strike because I believe everyone should be able to have access to clean water and all the benefits that it provides - a chance for a healthy, successful, and vibrant future. I love talking to people about it - whether at work, social media, with strangers - when they see I'm on a Shower Strike, they want to know why. And the conversations are some of the best and eye-opening for others. It's a reminder of what most of us take for granted every single day. To new Shower Strikers: you are making a huge difference. Whatever the amount you fundraise, you raise even more awareness for Well Aware, and for water issues. You never know who you will inspire to join the team or donate in different ways." - Gayla Whinery, Shower Striker since 2012 Join Gayla in the #ShowerStrike & help more people gain access to clean water:

This time last year, the community of Kithoka, Kenya, struggled with water scarcity. For some, the only water source they had was a creek nearby. Others had piped water, but the water was contaminated and rationed. This had a particularly negative effect on the kids, who faced waterborne illness and malnutrition, stunting growth and limiting opportunities. Flash forward one year, and these kids are happier, healthier, and thriving with clean water. They no longer fret about the contaminants in their water and they can focus on education. This impact is profound, and it was made possible, in part, by our incredibly generous Shower Strike sponsor, Emily Twitchell. We can't thank you enough for brightening the future of these kids, and the entire Kithoka community. 📷: John Langford

Sign up for Shower Strike today and you can help these students get clean water for life. Click the link in the bio or type in 📷: @julius.itsa.3

“Water is life to everyone and everything. Without water, no one can stay alive. I’m happy to see the new well being drilled... it will [prevent] a lot of waterborne diseases.” Meet Samuel. His favorite thing to do is school. He loves biology because it teaches him more about living things. At home, he helps make sure that his two younger brothers complete their homework and wash their utensils. One day, Samuel hopes to be a construction engineer - known worldwide for his great work. His greatest challenge used to be that his community did not have clean drinking water and they had to go looking for it elsewhere. Now, thanks to your 2018 Shower Strike fundraising, Samuel has clean water near his home, and is one step closer to achieving his dreams. Help more kids like Samuel by joining #ShowerStrike2019 today: 📷: Lindsey Reed

Water has the power to change lives, and so do you. With clean water, individuals are empowered to live their best lives - lives with better health, improved education, and so much more. Empower others this year by raising funds and awareness for clean water through #ShowerStrike. Join today at 📷: Lindsey Reed

Happy Friday! If these kids don’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. Thank you for building bright futures for these children! 📷: Brett Buchanan

"One day, I hope there will be enough water for the whole community. My greatest challenge is water.” - Saulo (right) Every day, his children used to walk to gather water from the local pond, which is highly contaminated and dependent on rainfall. In past efforts to provide water for the community (by organizations other than Well Aware), the wells dried up and failed. Because of your support, Saulo and the community of Miumbuni now have sustainable clean water. He told us in November 2018 as we drilled their new well: “Water is my life and without water, there is no money. I am very happy to see the well being drilled." 📷: Lindsey Reed

“I’ve participated in Shower Strike since the beginning because I want to assist in providing clean water, the basic necessity in life, to those who don't have it or cannot easily access it. I love seeing the impact that Well Aware makes and knowing I am a part of it. For new Shower Strikers: Don't be afraid to get stinky (it's not that bad) and ask people to donate. All they can do is say no and it's for an amazing cause.” - Newton Hopkins (right) Newton & his Shower Strike Team, The Patt Christopher Project, together have raised more than $120,000 in the past 10 years. Join Newton in raising more funds to bring the basic necessity of life to those who need it. Sign up today: 📷: Matt Charnitski

You can make this happen. Communities can have clean water for YEARS to come. To help out, join our most powerful fundraising campaign of the year. Go to to sign up today.

“I participated in Shower Strike because I come from a place where water is very scarce and what is available is not safe for drinking. Many children get waterborne diseases because we do not have clean water. I wanted to support Well Aware to enable them to take clean water to more places, especially in Africa. I love inspiring people to donate to my Shower Strike and actually doing it - NOT showering! New Shower Strikers: You will have fun while supporting a worthy cause!” - Karambu Ringera (also known as Dr. K) Join Dr. K in this year’s #ShowerStrike and help reduce water scarcity and waterborne disease. Sign up today: 📷: Greg Davis - National Geographic Image Collection Photographer

Check out Well Aware's new office! @jeidesign got our space at @thirstyplanet looking beautiful last month with what they call a “resimercial” design, and we cannot thank them enough for making our office such a bright & fun place to work. A big shoutout to Julie Evans and her wonderful team! We are deeply grateful for your time, insight and efforts. Thank you. And, for those that didn't know: we moved offices! In December, we set up shop at the amazing @thirstyplanet brewery on South Congress in Austin. If you're ever in the area, come see it in person!

Meet Caroline. Every day, she faces the reality of having unsafe water. This year, funds raised during #ShowerStrike will go towards providing Mirera, her community, with clean water without harmful flouride and other contamination. Help give Caroline clean water by joining Shower Strike today: 📽: @julius.ita.3