“Access to clean water makes everything possible.” Because of you, Joseph now has more time for school -- where he enjoys learning math. “I will learn how to count money and be able to manage my finances." During his free time he likes reading story books and novels. Thank you for empowering thousands of people just like Joseph with lasting clean water. 💧🙏 📷: Lindsey Reed

This weekend, our tech team visited the Kisueni Primary School in Kenya, where we installed a rainwater catchment system in October to help the 500 students there. 💧🙏 Our team worked with the water committee, trained the community on project maintenance, conducted WASH training, and interviewed students to further understand how water impacts their lives. Before, students collected water from the river. Class attendance was low with kids often getting sick from the contaminated river water. Now, the school is hopeful for continued improvement in education rates and general wellbeing for the students. We can’t wait to watch them succeed!🎉

Community relationships & community empowerment -- it's what we're all about. Communities know their water needs. Our job is to listen, collaborate, and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. 💧😄 📷: Lindsey Reed

Remember that quirky thing we do every April to raise awareness & funds for clean water? Well, it's nearly that time of year again. 🙌 We know what you're thinking..."I can't skip showers for a week." The good news is: you don't have to. We don't care what you do -- all that matters is that you're raising awareness of global water issues & fundraising to change lives through lasting clean water. Are you in? Let us know & we'll send you more details:

“Water will help me not get thirsty.” 💧 Meet 5-year-old Michelle (right) of the New Canaan community in Kenya. She loves to draw and color, and one day hopes to become a pilot. ✈️ Because of your support, Michelle has the reliable clean water she needs for daily activity. “I can wear cleaner clothes because we wash them on a daily basis now.” Thank you for supporting Michelle and thousands of other kids. 🙏 📷: Lindsey Reed

We each need water to ensure our most basic needs are met. 💧Your support means that another person can have the water they need to not only survive, but THRIVE! 🎊 📷: Lindsey Reed

Time ✨Opportunity ✨A New Beginning. Thank you for empowering women to stop walking for water, and start taking control of their futures. #empoweredwomen 📷: Lindsey Reed

Providing more people with access to clean water for life… Yes, it’s possible! Yes, it takes a village!Join the village today with a recurring donation and be a part of lasting change. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Clean water is a gift that lasts a lifetime. ✨ You can help empower 1,500 more people with this vital resource by making a special year-end gift today. The impact of your gift will be MATCHED through tomorrow.💧Double your donation now at

Give hope. Give better futures. Give water. All donations are matched for just a couple more days. Give clean water by December 31st and change a life for decades. 📷: Lindsey Reed

You can put a smile on a kid's face in 2020 by giving lasting clean water. 😊 Children shouldn't have to walk hours for water or worry about whether what they're drinking will make them sick. They should have time for school -- or just being kids. 🤸‍♀️ Make your 100% tax-deductible donation before December 31st and empower kids in the new year. 💧🙌 All gifts MATCHED thanks to Alan Blake & Senior Advice. Give now at

🎨"Make a mark on the world that can't be erased." - Maya Angelou How do you hope to make your mark on the world in 2020? 🌍 📷: Lindsey Reed

Change someone’s world by giving the opportunities that come with lasting clean water. 💙 Make your tax-deductible gift before Dec 31st & have your impact DOUBLED. 👏

Need a creative way to celebrate those special people in your life? 💕 Give water in their honor with our holiday ecards! 💧 Simply donate, let us know who it’s in honor of & we’ll send you a printable donation card. 🎉 It’s that easy to send a gift that keeps on giving! 📷: Lindsey Reed

Clean water is the best gift of all. 🎉 You can help give this vital resource to 1,500 more people by making your special year-end contribution before December 31st. The impact of your tax-deductive gift will be DOUBLED thanks to generous match sponsors Alan Blake and SeniorAdvice. Give now at 💧 📷: Lindsey Reed

When you give clean water, you enable kids like these to continue dreaming and reach their goals. 🌟📝✨⭐ Thank you for transforming futures for the better and empowering young ones who will go on to change the world. 📷: Kristi Shaw

Give clean water to those who need it most this holiday season and have your gift MATCHED! 💦Your gift could be the difference between a boy finishing school, or walking for hours every day to fetch water. Make your year-end contribution before Dec 31st and change a life for decades. Donate now at

✨💧Water IS life! 💧✨And this holiday season, you can make a gift that will change lives for decades to come. 🎁All donations through Dec 31st are DOUBLED until our generous $15,000 match runs out. Make your year-end contribution today at 📷: Lindsey Reed

to provide lasting clean water to those who need it most.💧 Thank you for joining us on this journey to change lives. Here’s to the next decade of clean water impact.

Giving water isn’t just an act of compassion--it is also an important way of standing up for those without access. When you help provide clean water, you are caring for and supporting the livelihoods and dreams of kids just like these. 📷: @thelindseyreed

BIG thank you & welcome to our newest brand partner, LARQ! 🙌 They are dedicated to increasing access to pristine drinking water through their innovative self-cleaning water bottles. We’re proud to be their official nonprofit partner for their new Sahara Gold Benefit Edition bottle. ✨ Partial proceeds from this gorgeous product will help bring sustainable #cleanwater to more people in East Africa.💧👏 Learn more & check it out at

Winter Waterland Gala 2019

Winter Waterland Gala 2019

Saturday was an astonishingly impactful night! Thank you to everyone to attended, donated, supported and enjoyed this incredible evening. We are beyond grateful for such a strong group of supporters and for helping to make the Winter Waterland Gala such a huge success.

Saturday was an astonishingly impactful night! Thank you to everyone to attended, donated, supported and enjoyed this incredible evening. We are beyond grateful for such a strong group of supporters and for helping to make the Winter Waterland Gala such a huge success.

Clean water is essential for economic growth and the eradication of poverty. You can help break the cycle for generations by giving clean water and supporting agriculture, health, nutrition, job growth and so much more. Donate today, link in bio. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Join us for the PETERSON BROTHERS concert this Saturday!

Ready to rock out for a good cause? We just released tickets for an unforgettable concert that will close out the Winter Waterland Gala! Join us at 9 pm this Saturday, December 7th, at the South Congress Hotel for an incredible evening.

Join us for the Peterson Brothers Band concert this Saturday at 9 pm to close out our Winter Waterland Gala! 🎶 Tickets available now - come out for an incredible evening at the South Congress Hotel!