Clean water for drinking. 💧 Open fields for dancing and playing. 🤸‍♂️ With an effective water system, kids get to spend their time being kids instead of walking miles to gather water for their families. 👉 Join us today in providing clean water for more kids by visiting 📷 : Brett Buchanan

Meet Shavanthe: one of our incredible black-owned business partners that has helped Well Aware grow over the years. ✨ Shavanthe is a multicultural ethical brand that makes products for men, women and children, including African print facemasks, headwraps, swim attire, fanny packs, and more. Shavanthe is 100% woman-owned, founded by Theo Shayo, and supports women in different communities across Africa, South America and the USA. 🌍 Shavanthe's brand is all about prints and vibrant colors -- their clothes dare you to bring the world to your closet. 👉 Learn more and get your own Shavanthe brand clothes at Shavanthe,, or visit the Austin Gift Company if you’re in Austin, Texas. ---- To read more about our black-owned business partner series and action plan, visit

Everyone should have access to clean water.💧 And because of you, more than 270,000 people in East Africa now have the lasting clean water they deserve. 🎉👏 Thank you for helping make clean water the human right it is meant to be. 🌍💙 📷:: Lindsey Reed

"Availability of water has made it possible for people to exercise handwashing at home." - Jeremiah, Headmaster at Irbaan Primary School in Narok County, Kenya. 🧼💧 In 2013, Well Aware implemented a sustainable clean water system for the community of Irbaan and its school. 💫Now, the water project is enabling thousands of students and community members to stay healthy, wash their hands & fight illness in the face of COVID-19. Thank you for making sustainable water projects like this possible!

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” -Nelson Mandela Happy celebration of the late Nelson Mandela! ✨His life, his words, and his legacy continue to resound. 💙🌍May we all pick up the torch & continue his work in our own lives. 📷: Lindsey Reed

Clean water has a significant economic impact.💧Every $1 you invest in water & sanitation = $4 returned to the community due to reduced healthcare costs and greater economic productivity/involvement, (WHO). Become a monthly donor today and EVERY dollar you invest will not only provide clean water for communities, but ALSO increase economic prosperity! 🙌 💙 Join today at 📷: Brett Buchanan

All smiles for clean water! 😄 Thank you for making a profound difference in the lives of these kids and thousands of others. 💙💧 📷: Lindsey Reed

💧💦 Water kiosks are an important source of water security for rural communities. They: ✔️ Generate income for ongoing water system maintenance ✔️ Supply jobs to those who work in them ✔️ Ensure greater clean water access for all! 💙👏 📷: Lindsey Reed

“You become strong by lifting others up, not pulling them down.” - Matshona Dhliwayo This weekend, may we all remember to listen a little harder, love a little stronger, and lift each other up a little higher. 💕 📷: Lindsey Reed

THIS is what we are working towards! 👏 Since Ndabibi's sustainable water well was implemented in 2014, Ndabibi continues to see incredible success & growth. 💙 Education has improved, the community is healthier, commerce is thriving... Now, 6 years later, the well is also providing sufficient water for thousands of residents to wash their hands and prevent the spread of this pandemic. 🚫 💧 "The water helps in stopping the spread of the virus. The water project is close to the trading center which has heavy flow of traffic throughout the day. Most get water for their handwashing stations here which helps them a lot as they do not have to travel huge distances to get this commodity." - Macharia, Chairman of the Water Committee in Ndabibi, Kenya. ✨ Thank you for enabling this impact every day! 📷: Brett Buchanan

Clean water means he can go to school & focus on his dreams. 💭 YOU make that possible. 👉Visit to empower a student today. ✏️💧 📷: Lindsey Reed

💕The best part of our work = the time we get to spend with our partner communities. 💕Listening, engaging, learning. There's nothing as special or as important as the deep relationship we form when collaborating with a community on their water project. 💧🤝True partnerships are the foundation for longterm success! 📷: Lindsey Reed

By supporting water projects, you also support greater food security. 🌾💧With a plentiful source of clean water, families can grow more crops, gain a wider variety of food, and improve nutrition. In so many ways, you are enabling others to lead healthier lives. 💕Thank you for making a difference in the world. 💫 📷: Lindsey Reed

You have greatly impacted these students' lives. ✨A few years ago, you supported their new source of lasting clean water -- enabling them to focus on their education and pursue their dreams. 💧🎓Now, you are further empowering these students to lead healthy lives. Pictured here is the WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) training session conducted last week at their school -- Olmoran High -- to help prevent the spread of the cornavirus in their community. 😷🚫 "The training captured some of the students joining various universities later this year should the COVID-19 situation allow. They excelled in the national exams in 2019 largely as a result of the borehole [well] funded by Well Aware in the school in 2017." - John, Principal at Olmoran This training is only possible thanks to your support of our Emergency WASH Fund. 🙌YOU ARE CHANGING LIVES! 💙

What would your world look like if you were having to fight COVID-19 with no running water or sink in your home?🚰 If you had to walk to the nearest handwashing station? Many families across East Africa are experiencing this right now. Join us today in helping equip more people with the vital tools they need to prevent the spread of the virus. 🚫 Go to to learn more about our Emergency WASH Fund & give today! 📷: Brett Buchanan

“We have the ability to provide clean water for every man, woman and child on the Earth. What has been lacking is the collective will to accomplish this. What are we waiting for? This is the commitment we need to make to the world, now.” - Jean- Michel Cousteau 💙 💧 📷: Lindsey Reed

Reliable, nearby clean water = more time for play! 🤸😃 Because of you, more kids can just be kids. No more walking for hours to fetch water. 💧 Time outside of school can be used for what it’s meant for - dreaming, creating, learning, and growing. ⭐✨ Thank you for brightening the lives of so many. 📷: Lindsey Reed

💧"The water project has improved hygienic levels since the water is clean as opposed to the river water that people downstream use to wash their hands." - Christine, School Head at Nthaani Primary School in Makeuni County, Kenya 🌍 Because of your support of Well Aware's projects, Nthaani students and thousands of others across East Africa have the clean water they need to drink, wash their hands & fight off illness. 💙THANK YOU for empowering others! 🙌

Maji ▪️ water ▪️ agua ▪️ pani ▪️▪️ In the same way we call water by different names depending on where we're born, we each have different experiences when it comes to accessing water.💧Some of us have taps in our homes, some of us collect water from community kiosks, while others have to seek water from miles and and even towns away. But there's one thing we all have in common: we all need water to survive.💧 If you want to be a part of helping others gain access to this vital resource, consider joining our community of monthly donors. No matter where you fall on the water access spectrum, you CAN be a part of the solution. Visit 💙 📷: Brett Buchanan

Water project maintenance can't be stopped by COVID-19! 😷💧🌍 Our project manager, technical team & local leadership in Mithini, Kenya, are conducting important technical evaluations and repairs of the community's 9-year-old solar-powered water well.👏 After a well is drilled, ongoing oversight and maintenance can't be overlooked. ✅ Updates like these are critical to sustaining the integrity and 100% success rate of our water systems -- ensuring lasting clean water for each community.💧💧💧 That's why even during this crisis, it is important for Well Aware to continue vital project updates, with masks and rigorous sanitation practices to safeguard our team and partners. 👊 . . . . . . . . . Repost from Well Beyond • Maintenance and Repairs - often overlooked in the water sector, these two activities, done with the right expertise and equipment, can reduce the number of times they need to be done. Here, we are flushing a borehole that became overly silty from the drought-flood fluctuations and destroyed the 9 year-old solar, submersible pump. While we're here, we are also scoping the steel casing, conducting a pump test, and grabbing a current WQA. New pump models that accommodate sediment better are now available, and we'll be installing one here next week.

Happy dad's day to all of the incredible father figures out there working tirelessly for the futures of your families and communities. 😊YOU are amazing. 👏 📷: Lindsey Reed | #fathersday

Sanitation & hygiene training time!🚰 🧼 “Prevention is better than cure, and that's why the app has proven to be a great necessity in our community." - Naomi, Programs Coordinator for local NGO International Peace Initiatives in the Kithoka community (Meru, Kenya). Last week, Naomi led Kithoka's first training for kids in the community using the mobile WASH app we're deploying. "The WASH app is really great especially the option of training a group, it is relatively simple to train quite a large group. And the Swahili version has made it easier for the message to reach everyone despite their literacy level and economic background." Learn more about our WASH program at

Clean water is a critical enabler for education. 🎒📚 When kids can stop walking for miles to fetch water -- and stop missing school due to preventable waterborne illness -- education is allowed to thrive. ✨ Thank you for enabling future changemakers to learn & grow! 🙌 🙌

"Water has been helpful, but there is no soap or handwashing stations. 🧼And the community has very little information on how to prevent the virus." - Gabriella, Chairperson of the Aremet Water Committee in Isiolo County, Kenya, where the students pictured here go to school. 🌍 As the coronavirus continues to spread in East Africa, there are many populations like Aremet that do not have access to the basic tools needed to help prevent infection. 🚫💧 With your help, we are continuing to work tirelessly to provide vital support to these remote communities. 👉Learn more about our emergency response & how you can get involved at

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall 💕 📷: Lindsey Reed

Clean water is the foundation for everything! 💧💙✨ From it flows health, education, growth, equality, and prosperity. We cannot live without it. We believe every child deserves to grow up in a world where it is accessible. This is why we are dedicated to providing lasting clean water to those who need it most! 📷: Brett Buchanan

💧 "Water from the water project has changed everything in this fight against COVID-19." - Roselin, water kiosk attendant in Ratta, Kenya 🌍 "Since most people cannot access alcohol-based hand sanitizers they opt to using soap and water to sanitize their hands and the water project has come in handy to help in this. The availability of water is making us happier." Because of YOU, communities like Ratta are in a better position to combat illness, maintain hygiene, and stay healthy. Thank you for empowering our friends in East Africa.

😊A reason to smile: because of you, more fathers, more children, more families have the clean water and tools they need to drink, wash their hands & stay healthy. Through a worldwide pandemic -- and every day -- you are empowering others in a lasting way. 📷: Lindsey Reed

✨ Exciting update on our emergency response: The mobile WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) tool developed by our partners at Well Beyond has officially been deployed! 📱🙌 Since we can't be there to help our partner communities in person, this app-based sanitation & hygiene tool is equipping them with vital training and support to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 🚫 Some of the first users (pictured here) sent us feedback from their experience so far: "The training is amazing..." "A very resourceful package which is very easy to understand. The Olmoran community is very grateful." "I am now aware of the coronavirus thanks to Well Aware." 💙 Stay tuned as we continue to scale this life-saving solution across more communities & share the impact you've affected! . . . . . . . . . #Repost from @WellBeyondWater Our digital, interactive WASH training app is officially in deployment! Together, we can help prepare and protect rural communities against the spread of Coronavirus. So honored to work with such amazing partners and community members from around the world. May we continue to stand by, listen and learn from each other regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion.