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how the app works

Since we can't be there to help our East African partner communities in person during the pandemic, we're deploying a mobile app to bridge the gap. The mobile WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) tool was developed by our partners at Well Beyond, a social enterprise leveraging technology and expertise to improve and increase clean water access globally.

By deploying Well Beyond's app, we can equip communities with vital training & information to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Once initially loaded with internet connectivity, the app is then fully functional without internet, helping to further ensure accessibility for the most remote populations.


Training in the App Includes:

  • How Disease Transmission Occurs

  • How to Prevent Disease Transmission

  • Proper Handwashing Instructions

  • How to Make your own Handwashing Station

  • How to Make your own Facemask

  • Other Methods of Disinfection

Not only does the app provide important training modules, but individuals can chat in real-time with our Nairobi-based staff for personalized WASH recommendations and support. For any medical assistance requested or required, we'll refer community members to local healthcare workers or medical NGO's.

Progress & Impact

The WASH app is officially deployed!

As we continue to roll it out to communities across East Africa, we will collect data to evaluate the effectiveness of the app. Some of the metrics we plan to analyze include: number of communities conducting training with the app, the number of users actively engaging in the app, and the total number of people estimated to have received the training.

To further optimize impact measurement, local leaders are able to access and track their community's progress in the app, including training completions and support communications. By collecting this data on the solution's success and a community's engagement, we can more effectively empower local leaders and ensure results.

As we continue to scale the app, we will actively evaluate the metrics we are tracking to gauge the effectiveness of the tool and will provide updates here when available.

feedback from communities

Below are photos & feedback that we've received from some of the first users in East Africa.


Olmoran, Kenya

"The training is amazing..." - Naomi

"A very resourceful package which is very easy to understand. The Olmoran community is very grateful." - John

"I am now aware of the coronavirus thanks to Well Aware." - George


Kithoka, Kenya

“Prevention is better than cure, and that's why the app has proven to be a great necessity in our community." - Naomi

"The WASH tool is really great especially the option of training a group, it is relatively simple to train quite a large group. And the Swahili version has made it easier for the message to reach everyone despite their literacy level and economic background."


Do people own smartphones in rural East Africa? Why is a mobile app the solution?

Yes, they do! 34% of Kenyans between the ages of 18 and 34 own a smartphone, and most local leaders in our partner communities have access to mobile technology. Even more, in Africa, only 63% of people have access to piped water, yet 93% have a mobile phone. Leveraging the prevalence of this technology will allow us to quickly deploy our tool virtually while also tracking use and engagement with the app in our partner communities, as well as providing on-going chat support and updates.

Is the Well Aware team physically visiting communities to help?

No. Our Kenya team is unable to travel outside of Nairobi due to local lockdowns and curfews, and we don’t want to risk spreading COVID-19 to these vulnerable populations. This is why we are using the WellBeyond App to quickly deliver vital and the most up-to-date information to our partner communities. However, our Kenya-based Well Aware staff is “on-call” for real-time chat support with our communities as we deploy this tool and information.

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About Well Beyond

Well Beyond is a social enterprise leveraging technology and expertise to improve and increase clean water access globally. They are developing and deploying mobile technology to close the gap in Operation and Maintenance in the rural water supply sector.

Learn more here.

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