Annie Albrecht

Annie Albrecht

Annie is a bona fide Austinite and UT alum. She is passionate about activism and engineering beneficial change for the communities around her. Annie is a nonprofit professional well versed in strategic planning and support in all areas of development, marketing, and communications. Before moving to Spain this month, Annie was a Project Manager for Corcoran & Co, a fundraising agency serving Austin-area nonprofits. Now, she is spending a year as an English teacher in Madrid, influencing young lives and seeing the world.

Why is Well Aware important to you?

"Well Aware is important to me not only because of the work they do but also HOW they do it. It is the first nonprofit organization I worked for and is still, by far, the closest to my heart. Even now, having spent almost 5 years in the nonprofit sector, Well Aware stands apart. I have always believed that the best thing you can do is give. Give your time, money, expertise, and energy where it is needed most. And that is the philosophy that Sarah and the rest of the Well Aware team embody to a T. I have never met a group that is so hard working, so generous, and so dedicated to their cause.

"Well Aware is the kind of organization that other charities try, and often fail, to be. Transparent. Effective. Impactful."

Why did you become a Village Member?

"I became involved with Well Aware when I was a Sophomore at UT Austin. After meeting Sarah through a family friend, I decided that I absolutely needed to work alongside such an inspiring woman and that lead me to intern with Well Aware. During the 18 months that I worked as the Development Intern, I traveled to Kenya on the first “Rafiki Trip” in 2016. This trip, to put it lightly, was absolutely life changing.

"It is hard to truly understand the impact that Well Aware makes in communities in rural Africa until you can see it first hand. I remember peering over the edge of the old stepwell in Daaba Juu and being terrified of falling into the dark, smelly pool below. I couldn’t imagine climbing down there voluntarily to collect drinking water. Several days later, when we hit water at the drill site, the community’s reaction brought me to tears. Such a simple resource, water, would make such a huge difference in each and every one of their lives.

"Even as I wrapped up my internship with Well Aware, I knew that my connection to this wonderful organization, and the wonderful people I had met through it, couldn’t end there. Becoming a Village Member was the obvious next step. I could continue to contribute to Well Aware’s amazing work, I could continue to be connected to the wonderful friends (family, really) that I had met there, and I could continue to be part of the “inner circle,” so to speak, even if I wasn’t in the office everyday. Becoming a Village Member was one of the best decisions I could have made. I am proud to be a part of this organization and I am beyond happy to call my fellow Village Members some of my very best friends."