Bart Doney & Ranae Pettijohn

Bart is a retired executive. He was born and raised in Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Engineering, and worked in the paper industry for 36 years. Ranae is a Realtor, licensed in Texas for 35 years.They each have three children and collectively have 18 grandkids. Today, their passion is traveling and spending time with the family.

"Access to clean water is something we take for granted... After listening to a brief presentation and doing a bit of research, it was obvious Well Aware is a team of dedicated and focused professionals. We traveled to Kenya with Well Aware in June 2018 and after arriving back to Austin, we increased our monthly Village donation. It's an honor to help on their mission to provide sustainable water and fund water systems throughout Africa. We can't wait to see what the Well Aware team has planned for the future.”