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Manny Pandya

Manny Pandya is a professional photographer specializing in photographing people and the amazing things they do. An innate childhood curiosity about the lives of everyone else around him has transformed into a career of photographic documentation and telling the stories of people and organizations he finds fascinating and inspiring. Through the lens of compassion, love and belief in the value of all human beings, Manny finds inspiration in the human spirit, especially with those driven to serve others in greater need. Based in Austin, Texas for 25 years, Manny is ready to travel the world in search of his next story to tell.

Why did you become a Village Member?

"The mission of Well Aware thoroughly enmeshed with my beliefs in human value and service to others in an engaging and personal manner.

“I've known access to clean water is an apex issue in much of the world, but Well Aware enlightened me so much more on how important an issue this really is, especially as it affects women and children. Well Aware's efforts are simply inspiring. While traveling to Kenya to help photographically document their work in 2016 and 2017,

"I saw a level of dedication and accountability to their donor base and to those they serve that is unparalleled in all my prior non-profit engagement.

"I knew I had to support what they are doing beyond just a simple donation. The Village Member program and its flexibility and levels of engagement was the perfect entry point for me to give a little more and truly know that my contributions are making a positive impact. Being a Village Member and attending the special events held for them makes me feel my contributions are not only appreciated, but helps me personally see the difference I and the community are helping make in the lives of so many people."

Why is Well Aware important to you?

"The team at Well Aware and my fellow supporters in the Well Aware Village have become a community to which I belong. We support and celebrate the Well Aware mission and accomplishments together.

"We have formed a bond in service to others and in supporting each other's individual and unique efforts toward the Well Aware mission. I now regularly interact, both socially and in support of Well Aware, with board members, staff members, film makers, musicians, photographers, engineers, hydrogeologists and all other types of people also lending their time, talent and treasure.

These people have become a family of sorts and knowing them has enhanced my life. We are all bonded by our passion to support Well Aware mission, and it feels great to do so together."