Michael Ossareh

“Water is life, and being able to help people get access to this resource is really important to me personally; I drink a lot of the stuff myself.”

Born in Tehran, and raised in London, Michael has always sought to ensure those around him are well looked after and comfortable. As his view of the world broadened, and he became aware of the stark global inequalities, he set about doing what he could to help. These attempts typically take the form of some internet startup or another. Since 2000, he’s been full-time in the tech industry, working on Heysan, Twitch and now FamFi. He's a master coder, hacker and all around stellar tech wiz. Plus, a wonderfully thoughtful human being.

“I'm a long time donor to water-related charities. When I moved to Austin and found out about Well Aware it made sense to me to focus my giving on a local charity whom I can get to know."