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Our systems last. We can show you where 100% of your donation goes.
We can do the most with each donor dollar.

Giving Tuesday marks the kick off of a month of generosity and joy! December is a time for us all to give back to our favorite causes and encourage our network to do the same. For Well Aware, your gift today, and the rest of this month, will have huge impact for our clean water work. What does that mean? Check out what your investment in Well Aware can do based on our current organizational stats:

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Click the image below (or just click here) to set up your holiday fundraising page! Feel free to get creative, you don't *have* to give up that KitchenAid Mixer on your Christmas list! Caroling for clean water? We love it! Host a holiday dinner party that costs a $10 donation to get in? Sure hope we're invited! Ask for pledges to do an underwear run in the...


Fa La La Laa, La La La La La!

Maybe you aren't as excited for the holiday season as I am, but you should be! This season is the perfect opportunity to recognize what we have and share that with others! As you finish up your holiday shopping, we have several fun opportunities for you to spread love, joy, and life-saving water this year!


Daaba School, Kenya Water Well

Well Aware is honored to be a part of completing this life-saving water system in loving memory of Patt Christopher. The Daaba School water well included the rebuilding and expansion of the school, staffing of the schools, agricultural development, and community development assistance.

  • Estimated population with access to new water supply: 4,000 people
  • Partner organization: The Nobelity Project
  • Completed November...
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The Village is a group of dedicated individuals who commit to a recurring monthly donation to support Well Aware's growth and impact.

The Village contributions and focused purpose will raise Well Aware to a new level with far greater reach. Membership in The Village includes VIP treatment at special events, exclusive projects updates, and a presence in our outreach....


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