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On the evening of August 28th, three days after Harvey’s landfall on Texas, I was sitting at my computer watching the devastation unfold. My mind was spinning about what the Well Aware team could possibly do to help, and my heart hurt knowing friends and team members were in danger. Then, an email from Toyota showed up in my inbox.

Our friends at Toyota were reaching out to all of their...

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Futurism features Well Aware for Innovation in Clean Water

June 4, 2017

Futurism highlights Well Aware's successful, sustainable approach in solving Africa's water well crisis.

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I came across Well Aware and the Water Walk Event during my personal research online. When I read more on the Water Walk, I couldn't stop thinking of how an event like that would make a positive impact on my company and on the world. So, through a leap of faith, I asked to put on the event for my company, and I was fortunate enough to receive such a welcoming "yes" by my coworkers.

The lead-up to the Water Walk was just as fun as the...


Toyota Magazine Features Well Aware and Founder - Going With the Flow

August 4, 2017

Toyota highlights Sarah Evans & Hearty Films:

Sarah Evans' work transforms the lives of isolated African communities by providing ready access to clean water. This year, it also earned her recognition as one of Toyota's Mothers of Invention.


2nd Graders, Actors and Athletes Refuse to Bathe to get Clean Water for Others - prweb

April 18, 2017

Elementary Classes from Webster City, Iowa Join Nonprofit Well Aware and Their Annual Shower Strike campaign to not only raise money for a good cause but build needed morale in school

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New York Times: Women of the World presents Toyota's Mothers of Invention

November 13, 2016

Nomination of Sarah Evans as Toyota's Mother of Invention. This video is a must-see! Toyota's Mothers of Invention stand for remarkable women who actively contribute to their community and the world through innovation, entrepreneurship and invention.

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