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clean water for life

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The Village is a group of dedicated individuals who commit to a recurring monthly donation to support Well Aware's growth and impact.

The Village contributions and focused purpose will raise Well Aware to a new level with far greater reach. Membership in The Village includes VIP treatment at special events, exclusive projects updates, and a presence in our outreach....


Next time you’re chugging a glass of water, consider that there are communities around the world without that ability, and be a little more grateful for that water.

We’re all guilty of it, taking everyday things for granted because they have such a normal presence in our lives. But Austin non-profit Well Aware has been working for eight years now to improve the lives of the impoverished, by bringing them something as basic as fresh,...


Looking for a unique twist to your birthday this year? Donate your birthday to provide life-saving, clean water to those who have none!


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