Our Sanitation Program

Empowering our Partner Communities in East Africa through Water & Toilets.

Worldwide, more than 2.2 billion people lack access to clean water and even more people – about half of the world’s population – lack access to safe sanitation, according to the UN.

Well Aware’s new Sanitation program aims to change these statistics.

Over the past 14 years, Well Aware has transformed the lives of more than 525,000 people through access to clean water.

We are excited to launch a new initiative to amplify the impact our work is having on African girls and women, who are disproportionately and profoundly impacted when there is a lack of water and sanitation in their communities.

Starting this year, we will offer eligible communities access to both clean water systems AND toilets.


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How are Women and Girls Disproportionately Affected by Lack of Access to Sanitation?

  • Toilets Empower Health and Safety

    Insufficient facilities significantly increase the risk of diseases and illnesses leading to severe health complications, especially for women. learn more…

  • Toilets Empower Education

    When girls reach puberty, they experience extraordinarily high dropout rates as a result of a lack of sanitation facilities, closing the door on many opportunities that could be possible with a whole education. learn more…

  • Toilets Empower the Economy

    When girls are forced to drop out of school and are not able to complete their education, this perpetuates a cycle of limited employment opportunities and economic empowerment. learn more…

  • Toilets Empower Passions

    The lack of toilets in a community restricts women’s ability to participate fully in public life, engage in their passions, and exercise their basic rights. learn more…

Introducing our Sanitation Program Will Change the Lives of Girls like Faith from Daraja Academy, Kenya

Daraja Academy is an all-girls secondary school in Kenya without access to adequate water and sanitation for their students and surrounding community. Girls attending Daraja are greatly impacted by the lack of clean water.

Because of your support, Well Aware will be implementing a clean water and sanitation system at Daraja in 2024.

More Sanitation Stats

  • 59 %

    When communities have access to clean water, education rates for girls increase by 59%.

  • 1,000,000

    In Kenya, more than 1 million girls miss school monthly during their menstrual cycle, due to a lack of access to toilets and sanitary pads.

  • 40 %

    Studies show that women and girls who do not have access to toilets are 40% more likely to be victims of sexual abuse and violence.

$20 gives one person clean water AND sanitation for life. How many lives will you change?