Faces of Water

Meet some of the individuals who now have access to clean water for life because of your support.

  • Deborah_Tututha Primary


    Deborah wants to study and grow up to become a doctor so that she can treat sick people within her community. However, before her school... Read More

  • Caroline

    Caroline is a student at Mirera Primary School in Kenya and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Before her school gained a rainwater system earlier this... Read More

  • Peter

    Peter works as a school guard for the Cheptoroi Primary School in Nakuru County, Kenya, helping to protect and serve over 600 students. He is... Read More

  • Johnson

    Johnson is a father of four from Cheptoroi, Kenya. Johnson’s family used to walk 20 minutes to a lake to gather water. “I woke up... Read More

  • Kelvin

    Before Well Aware was able to implement a rainwater collection system at his school in January 2021, Kelvin used to walk 2 km daily to... Read More

  • Julieta

    Julieta loves singing and reading books, and her favorite school subject is math because she likes to calculate. At home, one of Juliet’s duties is... Read More

  • Eddie

    Meet Eddie from Mirera, Kenya, where we completed a rainwater catchment project in early 2021 for a local primary school and the surrounding community, supporting... Read More

  • Faizal

    Faizal dreams of becoming a farmer. “When I plant my crops, I will help people.” Right now, Faizal is not happy with the current water... Read More

  • Alice

    Alice loves mathematics and dreams of being a doctor. In March 2020, Well Aware drilled a new well at her school, and Alice shared her... Read More

  • Grace

    Every day, Grace used to help her father collect water from a well a mile away, sometimes missing school to do so. Now, though, Grace’s... Read More

  • Tobias

    Tobias aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon. Previously, Tobias had to walk to the river to fetch unsafe water three times a week. But, with the... Read More

  • Tashline

    Tashline is 13 years old, full of spunk, and currently attends the Ingrid School outside of Nairobi, Kenya, with aspirations of becoming an actor. With... Read More

  • Wahome

    Wahome dreams of becoming a lawyer. Previously, Wahome’s family utilized sparse rainfall for their water needs. This uncertainty and lack of reliable access to clean... Read More

  • Kantai

    Kantai is an advocate for human rights, enjoys history and politics, and working towards becoming a lawyer when she’s older. Her studies, however, used to... Read More

  • Christian

    Christian is a student at New Hope Primary School in Tanzania. He loves science and English classes and aspires to become a pilot! Christian’s closest... Read More