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Raise funds for clean water projects by starting your own Facebook fundraiser, or work with our team to create a custom fundraising campaign.

Fundraise Through Facebook

Anybody can start a Facebook fundraiser for Well Aware at any time and for any reason, but birthdays offer a unique opportunity to rally your family and friends around the clean water movement.

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Every $15 raised helps provide water to one person for the rest of their life.

Join Shower Strike

Every April, advocates from around the world join #ShowerStrike to raise awareness of global water issues and raise funds to help more people gain access to this vital resource.

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Create a Custom Fundraising Campaign

You can raise funds for clean water projects with a one-time campaign, or through an ongoing effort – run a 10K, start a lemonade stand, organize a talent show, host a bake sale, ride a bike-a-thon, whatever you want!

How Well Aware Can Help

  • Help you develop the right messaging and appeals

  • Create and host your personalized page on our website for you to send your network

  • Track your donations

  • Promote your campaign in our newsletter or on social media

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