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Donations go directly towards our life-saving water systems in Africa and can be made in any amount. Every dollar makes a difference.

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Shower Strikers vow not to shower during Shower Strike week (April 22nd-29th) until they reach their fundraising goal (suggested goal: $1,000) , which goes towards building life-saving water systems in Africa.

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Village members commit to a recurring monthly contribution to support the growth and impact of our important work. Membership in The Village includes VIP treatment at special events, our signature water drop bracelet, exclusive projects updates and a presence in our outreach.

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The Water Walk will bring the challenge of finding clean water in places like Kenya to your company, school, or organization. Empower your group with perspective, empathy, global awareness and compassion for others - all while building morale and saving lives. Check out the overview below to see how you can get involved, and send us an email at if you want to set up a #WaterWalk.


We are proud to work with with businesses that have a desire to be a part of effective water aid! Check here for updated lists of our Brand Partners and information on how to join the fantastic companies that come together for clean water!

For more info on each brand partner please click on the image.


In addition to our Brand Partnership opportunities, Well Aware has sponsorship options for events and programs we have throughout the year. Click below to learn more about available sponsorship packages for all of our upcoming events!

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If you are interested in sponsporing a project and transforming a community, please email our Executive Director Sarah Evans: and she will reply promptly with more information.


You can raise funds for clean water projects with a one-time campaign, or through an ongoing effort – run a 10K, start a lemonade stand, organize a talent show, host a bake sale, ride a bike-a-thon, whatever you want!

We will create and host your personalized page on our website for you to send to your network. We will track your donations and help your campaign on social media (if you wish).

Interested in starting your own campaign? Contact us for your personalized campaign page today.


Looking for a unique twist to your birthday this year? Donate your birthday to provide life-saving, clean water to those who have none!

It is easier than ever to donate your birthday and help raise money for clean water. We have the template and you customize the page with your message and photo and then share with friends and family. Click here to get started.


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