October 7, 2020

100% Project Success: The Well Aware Difference

This year, we’re all seeing things a little differently than before. Water awareness is more relevant now than ever. Especially when it comes to those who lack it.

Almost 1 billion people still lack access to clean water. So together, we must unite and press forward to make this basic human necessity accessible for all. Regardless of how you use or access it, there is one thing that cannot be ignored – clean water is necessary to not only survive but to thrive.

And with that recognition, we must center sustainability at the heart of all water awareness conversations.

Nearly 60% of water projects in Africa fail. Ours don’t.

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At Well Aware, we believe our responsibility is not only to continue bringing lasting clean water to communities across East Africa, but an ongoing commitment to our past partner communities as well. We are committed to maintaining a 100% success rate across all of our current 70+ projects and all future projects, ensuring each water system is functioning and providing lasting clean water to its respective community. This is critical to ensuring long-lasting impact and sustainable development for our partner communities in East Africa.


But, this success is not easy to come by. It requires innovation, expertise, adaptability, conscientiousness, and a commitment to the long-term growth of our partner communities. The Well Aware Difference depends on our community-driven approach and in-depth technical expertise.


Community-Driven Approach

We adapt every project according to each community’s specific needs, collaborating with local leaders and stakeholders to ensure the water system’s long-term success.

Communities present to us what their current water situation is, what their goals are, and how they plan to manage the project. From there, both our U.S. and Kenya-based teams work with the community to design a water system that will utilize their existing resources. Then, after a project is implemented, we maintain partnerships and support ongoing water system needs to ensure the longevity of all of our water projects. While most of our partner communities are self-sustaining, we regularly check in on our water systems to measure impact and our local team is reachable for any maintenance needs that arise.


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In-Depth Technical Expertise

We have a team of technical experts including hydrogeologists, civil engineers and groundwater engineers who manage, plan, and design our projects from start to finish.

This capable team ensures the utmost sustainability of all of our water systems — looking for the most viable long-term solutions for each community. Because of our commitment to sustainability and 100% success, Well Aware’s clean water solutions do not include any hand pump wells.

So, what does this mean?

Hand pump wells can provide effective short-term water solutions in some circumstances, but they are not the most sustainable or long-lasting because they:

  • Can break very easily
  • Pull from shallow water (usually 50-150 ft deep)
  • Can be easily contaminated
  • Do not supply enough water for entire communities


For these reasons, Well Aware does not implement any hand pump well. Instead, we build wells that pull from deep water aquifers (up to 1,000 feet deep), are powered with solar energy, and supply lasting clean water to 10X as many people as a hand pump. Through this model, we can better support the long-term success of our partner communities. For a behind-the-scenes look at the technical side of our projects, watch our live conversation with Founder, Sarah Evans, and Lead Engineer, Kathryn Bergmann.


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The Well Aware Difference

By combining our community-driven approach with our in-depth technical expertise, Well Aware continues to maintain a 100% success rate, paving the way for lasting change.

Our water systems last for decades and generations — providing an anchor for sustainable development that is community-wide. With a lasting clean water source, individuals can stop worrying about the present, and focus on designing their futures.

You can join us in making a lasting difference.

Now is such an important time to reflect on the value of clean water and the challenges facing those who don’t have access to it. Imagine not having clean water to wash your hands during the coronavirus pandemic. Or having to walk miles each day just to find something to drink. Our community has changed this reality for thousands, but there are still so many others who lack this basic human right.

If you want to help more people gain this right throughout the year, consider becoming a monthly donor. For $15/month, you can provide lasting clean water to one person each month. You can learn more about our monthly donor program, The Village, here, or click the button below to join today.


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