Our water systems drive economic growth and nurture self-sufficient communities.

who we are 

Well Aware is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Austin, Texas that provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in Africa. We fund and implement life-saving water systems to drive economic development and build self-sufficient communities.

At Well Aware, our responsibility to the communities in which we work goes far beyond the drilling of a hole. More than 60 percent of existing water wells in Africa currently do not work. Our water systems work and they last because of realistic and responsible planning and collaboration. And, our partner communities are thriving as a result.

Since our first project was implemented in 2010, we have doubled our project capacity every year, and we have growing teams of experts who ensure our projects are completed on time, with integrity, and with the most cost-effective use of donor dollars. Our project planning and execution includes thorough technical evaluation and oversight, strategic nonprofit partnerships to further community success, hygiene and sanitation training, and community empowerment and support.Well Aware conducts regular evaluations of all completed projects, but most of our partner communities no longer need us. Learn more about our teams that implement our work and the partner organizations we have selected to increase our impact.


Our Philosophy

Well Aware believes that it is our obligation to our communities and our donors to be the best possible stewards of their trust and resources. So, we combine innovation, collaboration, and community involvement to have an exponential impact. Our partner communities are not charity cases. They are motivated, organized, and prepared communities who need only sustainable clean water to kick-start their success. Every community with which we are privileged to work has submitted a project proposal to Well Aware. We are not able to serve everyone seeking partnership, but we provide guidelines for organization to apply again at a later time.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword to us. We have studied and experienced everything that has worked and failed in Africa. We collaborate with carefully selected and approved nonprofit partners who add great value and sustainability to each community in other areas of need specific to them. We combine four main components that are proven to give communities a greater chance of prosperity, and that strategy is yielding amazing results.

Read about our featured projects and their exponential impact.

How We're Doing it Better

  • Our teams are innovative and evolving. Since we do it all—fundraising, operating, implementing, training, and community education--and providing follow-up— we have a working knowledge of technological, environmental, and cultural influences and limitations. Our team constantly tracks data from the field, and we tweak and improve our methods accordingly.
  • Our organization is lean and our operations are transparent. Our operational costs are low, and we do not try to mask them with public support models. Being ethical and transparent with our funding and operations is one of Well Aware’s core values.
  • We focus on impact. We are proud of the number of people we serve, but the quality of our work and results is as important as the quantity.
  • We work with communities, not for them. Our team understands that the communities in which we work know better than anyone else what they need, and we listen.
  • We know that two pairs of helping hands are better than one. Unlike much of the nonprofit sector, we have strong strategic nonprofit partnerships, often more than one on each project. For each dollar invested in Well Aware's water systems, it is matched in partner contributions for each community.