August 23, 2021

100% Success: It Takes A Village

It’s all in the numbers: 80+ projects, 12 years, 100% success the whole way.

At Well Aware, our mission is to provide what we call “Clean Water for Life.” This means that we are deeply committed to providing communities with a reliable, long-lasting source of clean water that will not fail, and will continue to provide clean water for life — enabling entire communities and future generations to thrive, grow, and develop.

But, too many water projects in Africa fail to provide sustainable solutions. On average, only 40% of projects succeed, leading to wasted resources and donor dollars, as well as devastation for communities.

That’s where we’re different.

Well Aware maintains a 100% success rate so that every one of our water systems continues to provide lasting clean water long after implementation. This is critical to ensuring long-term impact and sustainable development for each of our partner communities.

100% success is hard-won, though, and is only achievable through our robust sustainability model. Here’s what makes our approach different:

We are community-driven.

We know that fostering a collaborative relationship with each and every community we work with is one of the biggest keys to long-term success. It’s important for the community to be involved with the water project every step of the way, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership over the project. Our team understands that the communities in which we work know better than anyone else what they need, and we listen. True community partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of our water projects.

We have a team of technical experts.

There are so many variables to consider in the planning of the projects we implement, from receiving the first project request form to a system expansion 5 years after installation. And, there is not a step in this entire process that requires anything less than professional expertise in groundwater and infrastructure. That’s why we have engineers and hydrogeologists who design, plan, and oversee the implementation of our clean water projects.

We provide ongoing support & project maintenance.

The work doesn’t stop after a well has been drilled or a new rainwater system built – that is just the beginning. We have a detailed process of project maintenance and ongoing support that follows a completed water project. This is not only critical for ensuring every water system will be sustainable for the long-run, but also ensuring we continue to empower each of our partner communities. If a problem ever comes up that the community can’t solve on their own, our team is reachable and will take action to help maintain the project.


Our water systems become long-term anchors for community prosperity. When communities can count on a source of clean water for many years to come, it creates a Ripple Effect of impact: disease rates decrease, education rates increase, gender equality improves, agriculture expands, economies grow, and communities begin to truly thrive.

This Ripple Effect is why Well Aware is committed to the continued, long-term success of all of our partner communities. Not only are 100% of our wells still operational, but this also means that 100% of those long-term anchors are still bolstering prosperity in each and every community where they exist.

As we continue to scale, we are dedicated to upholding the integrity of our water systems, maintaining collaborative community relationships, and ensuring lasting impact for generations. We will continue to work hard for 100% success, so that fewer communities have to experience the devastation of a failed water project.


This Water Awareness Month, we hope you will join our monthly donor community, The Village. By joining our Village, you commit to monthly donations that enable Well Aware to scale our 100% success model and help more people gain reliable access to this vital resource each year. Every $15 you give each month will provide lasting clean water to 1 person. Learn more & join today:

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