December 2, 2020

2020 Ambassador of the Year Award: Nav Sooch

Presented at our annual Winter Waterland Gala, this award commends an exceptional supporter who goes above and beyond to represent and advocate for Well Aware in their local and global communities. The recipient demonstrates an extreme dedication to reducing the issue of water scarcity and growing Well Aware’s clean water work in the world.

The 2020 Ambassador of the Year Award Honors Nav Sooch

Nav is a co-founder of Silicon Labs, a tech entrepreneur, and a global philanthropist who has supported Well Aware’s work since the very beginning.

Nav was born in Punjab, India, before moving to Detroit, Michigan, at age ten, where he attended Detroit public schools and the University of Michigan. He then completed his graduate work at Stanford University.

Nav credits his personal success chiefly to the educational opportunities afforded him. He believes that education can be the single biggest factor in an individual reaching a level of full self-sufficiency. For this reason, Nav is committed to empowering others by opening doors to better educational and economic opportunities. He started a private foundation, the Sooch Foundation, which primarily funds educational programs in Austin but has also supported projects in India to honor Nav’s heritage.

Through his foundation and personal endeavors, Nav continues to advocate for global educational and economic equality initiatives. He demonstrates an extreme dedication to reducing the issue of water scarcity and has greatly amplified Well Aware’s clean water mission. Nav’s work with Well Aware continues to change lives, improve education, and increase economic growth for many families through lasting clean water. We are honored to have him as a part of our community.

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