About Well Aware

We are deeply committed to building reliable, long-lasting water sources that will not fail, and will continue to provide Clean Water for Life – enabling entire communities and future generations to thrive, grow, and develop.

Learn more about the water crisis, what makes Well Aware different, and meet the team working to bring clean water to those who need it.

The Water Crisis

Nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean water.

This inhibits individuals, families, and entire communities from leading healthy lives. Without clean water, education cannot thrive, gender inequality grows, economic activity becomes stagnant, and development is stifled.

The Water Crisis

Too many water aid projects fail to provide sustainable solutions.

That’s where we’re different. Well Aware is committed to maintaining a 100% success rate across all of our projects, ensuring each water system is functioning and providing lasting clean water to its respective community.

100% Success Model

Our Impact

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We focus on a Ripple Effect of impact.

Our mission goes beyond drilling water wells. Clean water becomes a long-term anchor for community prosperity — enabling individuals, entire communities, and future generations to thrive.

The Ripple Effect

  • 110

    Water Projects

  • 348,854

    Lives Changed

  • 100 %

    Success Rate

We are stronger together.

Partnership and collaboration are at the heart of each water project. Our team understands that our partner communities know better than anyone else what they need, and we listen.

Water Project News

We are innovative and evolving.

We take a unique, ethical, and transparent approach towards our operations. Our teams raise funds, implement water systems, and provide communities with the training and resources they need to manage those systems for generations. We have in-depth technical and local expertise, enabling us to effectively navigate the ever-changing nature of this work.

Annual Impact Report

Meet Our Team


  • Sarah Evans

    founder and board chair

  • Mike Mutuku

    project manager

  • Kathryn Bergmann headshot Well Aware

    Kathryn Bergmann

    Lead Engineer

  • Karen Kavete headshot Well Aware

    Karen Kavete

    community director

  • Jecinta Ann Mwangi

    Operations Officer, Kenya

  • Erinn Wright

    director of development

  • Dennis Mutaki

    project associate

  • Joe Mbagia

    community associate

  • Amy Prewitt

    office manager

  • Anna Provenzano

    operations manager

  • Mesret Endale

    Project Associate

  • Dani Daspit

    Development Associate

  • Geofrey Kirwa


Board of Directors

  • Sarah Evans

    founder and board chair

  • Angela Hudson

  • Mariana Krueger

  • Ashley Patek

  • Rachel Jacob Barnett


  • Natalie McManus

    executive intern - Well Beyond

  • Michael Fernandez

    Executive Intern

  • Yaremi Alonso

    office intern

  • Emilie Hammons

    Executive Intern

  • Alessandra Rigo de Righi

    projects intern

  • Diana Rivers

    Marketing Research Intern

  • Asher Rogers

    Business Development Intern

  • McKenna Wheeler

    Social Media Intern

Advisory Council

  • Kareece Sacco

    executive advisor

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Leadership & Management Advisor

  • Melanie Fish

    Public Relations Advisor

  • Christine Glenn

    Strategy & Leadership Advisor

  • Lindsey Reed Ivy

    travel advisor

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