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we build 100% successful clean water systems in East Africa.

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Our water systems lower disease rates, improve classroom attendance, and enable communities to thrive.

our mission

Well Aware is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that funds and implements sustainable clean water systems to drive economic development and empower communities in East Africa.

At Well Aware, we believe our responsibility to our partner communities goes far beyond the drilling of a hole. Nearly 60% of water projects in Africa fail, often within the first year. 100% of Well Aware’s water systems work and they last because of realistic, responsible planning and collaboration. Our partner communities are motivated, organized, and prepared communities who need only sustainable clean water to kick-start their success. That’s why we adapt each project according to the community's specific needs and collaborate with local leaders to ensure the water system’s long-term success.

why water?

Nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean water - severely inhibiting individuals, families, and entire communities from leading healthy lives. Without clean water, education cannot thrive, gender inequality grows, economic activity becomes stagnant, and development is stifled. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 40% of 783 million people lack access to an improved source of drinking water, (UN). On average, individuals walk 3.5 miles to fetch water. Some, among the 159 million people globally, collect from open sources such as rivers or dams, (WHO). Others collect from open step wells, which are extremely dangerous. These water sources are highly contaminated and often shared with livestock and wild animals, dramatically impacting health.

There is also great failure in the water aid industry. That’s where we come in. Well Aware implements 100% successful clean water systems to drive long-term development.

how we're different


Our teams are innovative and evolving

We do it all —fundraising, operations, implementation, training, community education, and follow-up. We have in-depth technical and local expertise, enabling us to effectively navigate the ever-changing complexities of this work. Our team constantly tracks data from the field, and we tweak and improve our methods accordingly.


We focus on long-term impact

We are proud of the number of people we serve, but the quality of our work and results is as important as the quantity. Our measure of success is impact over time.


Our organization is lean and our options are transparent

Our operational costs are low, and we do not try to mask them with public support models. Being ethical and transparent with our funding and operations is one of Well Aware’s core values.


We work with communities, not for them

Our team understands that the communities in which we work know better than anyone else what they need, and we listen. True community partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of our water projects.


We know that we are stronger together

We have long-term, strategic partnerships with other nonprofit organizations working in East Africa. This enables donations to go even further and deeper impact to occur for the communities we serve.

our 100% success model

Nearly 60% of water projects in Africa fail. This is caused by a variety of circumstances, but these two stand out as the leading factors: 1) Lack of technical expertise and continued oversight; 2) Lack of community involvement.

Well Aware is committed to maintaining a 100% success rate across all of our projects, ensuring each water system is functioning and providing lasting clean water to its respective community.

This is critical to ensuring long-lasting impact and sustainable development for our partner communities. But, this success is not easy to come by. It requires innovation, expertise, adaptability, conscientiousness, and a commitment to the long-term success of our partner communities. 100% success is only achievable due to our robust sustainability model:

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We have a team of technical experts including hydrogeologists, civil engineers and groundwater engineers who manage, plan, and design our projects from start to finish.

We are community-driven. From the very beginning, we establish a true, collaborative partnership with each community. They present to us what their current water situation is, what their goals are, and how they plan to manage the project. From there, we work with the community to design a water system that will utilize their existing resources to kickstart long-term success.

We maintain partnerships and support ongoing water system needs to ensure the longevity of all of our water projects. While most of our communities are now self-sustaining, we regularly check in on our water systems to measure impact and our local team is reachable for problems that arise.

We utilize new technologies to make our work more efficient and cost-effective, including: solar power, purification, water kiosk technology, and mobile-to-mobile banking.

Well Aware is committed to the continued, long-term success of all of our partner communities. As we continue to scale, we are dedicated to upholding the integrity of our water systems, maintaining collaborative community relationships, and ensure lasting impact for generations.

join our clean water mission

Well Aware's foundation of success is powered by our passionate, motivated community of donors, partners, volunteers and staff. Click below to see the organizations and individuals who have already joined our movement, and how you can join us, too. We hope you will join us in changing lives through clean water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select your water projects?

Every community in which we are privileged to work with has submitted a proposal to Well Aware, and we approve those which meet our strict sustainability criteria. While we are unable to partner with every community who applies, we also work with communities to improve and/or build on their proposals for our approval.

How many people benefit from Well Aware?

On average, Well Aware can provide lasting clean water to one person for $15. Since our founding through 2019, our donors have funded 70 water projects and provided clean water to more than 270,000 people.

How do I apply to have a project in my community?

Please fill out and submit our project request form here. You can also email us at Please note: not all applied for projects are accepted. We will review your application and approve those which meet our strict sustainability criteria. While we are unable to partner with every community who applies, we will work with you to improve and/or build on your proposals for our approval.

How was Well Aware founded?

Well Aware was founded in 2006 by Sarah Evans. Sarah was asked by a friend to help raise funds for livestock for a village in Kenya where the animals were dying from lack of clean water. Sarah insisted that the real solution was a plentiful source of water, and she set out to learn how to drill a well. After years of perseverance, networking, failures, and research, Well Aware installed its first well in Kenya in January 2010.

What do you mean by a ‘sustainable’ water system?

Sustainable means long-lasting; meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability, as it applies to water, means that societies pass on to future generations all the elements required to provide clean water on a regular basis: healthy and diverse water systems; pumping and extracting fixtures; and the values, creativity, knowledge, skills, and local institutions that enable societies to adapt effectively to environmental and social changes.

What is the Village of Well Aware, and how do I become a member?

The Village is group of dedicated supporters who help fund Well Aware's growth and impact. Individuals become members of The Village with a recurring monthly or annual donation. For more information or to become a member of the Village, click here.

What is Well Aware’s religious stance?

Well Aware does not discriminate on the basis of religious, tribal, political, or any other affiliation. We are a humanitarian organization serving those who need us.

How is Well Aware funded?

Well Aware is funded by its dedicated sponsors, donors, and corporate partners. To learn more about how to become one of Well Aware’s valuable investors, product partners, community partners, or in-kind contributors, please contact us here.

What is the Shower Strike?

The Shower Strike is an outrageous and unique fundraiser, created and trademarked by Well Aware. Volunteers across the globe vow not to shower until they have each raised funding for life-saving water systems in East Africa. For more information or to sign up, visit our Shower Strike page here.

How can I get real-time updates on Well Aware’s latest news, events, and happenings?

Connect with us on social media! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram, see our LinkedIn, and join the conversation, #WellAware & #CleanWaterForLife. Also, sign up for our newsletter here.