May 1, 2019

Blacksburg business goes on Shower Strike to raise money for clean water in Africa

Workers at one company in Blacksburg went on a shower strike for a good cause.

The participating employees skipped showers and baths for one week. It was part of a fundraiser to build water systems in East Africa. The non-profit Well Aware has been raising money through the shower strikes for the past 11 years. This is the second year that employees at GloFish in Blacksburg have participated.

“I went to Austin, texas and I met the people from Well Aware and their passion and their enthusiasm, not just for the campaign but for the people in Africa, was so awe inspiring, you couldn’t help but join them,” says Barbara Link, senior consumer relations specialist of electronic media for Spectrum Brands.

The campaign ended April 29th. Each person was able to shower once the week was over or once they had met their fundraising goal, whichever came first. The GloFish team raised nearly $130,000 for the cause.


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