February 8, 2023

It Takes a Village to Change the World: Join Our Passionate Community

Each day, millions lack reliable access to safely managed drinking water—with nearly 40% of those without an improved source of drinking water living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

You have the power to change their lives. 

How? By joining Well Aware’s devoted community of monthly donors, the Village! 

Created as a way to bring like-minded individuals together to provide clean water for life, the Village enables us to grow our project capacity through sustained funding all year long. Your monthly gift—no matter the amount—helps us reach significantly more people across East Africa—amplifying the impact on communities who need it most and empowering them to grow and thrive. Becoming a Village member is the easiest, most efficient way to help us in our mission to fund, implement, and maintain our 100% success rate across all clean water systems. We have served 350,000+ people to date—and we are just getting started. 

Will you join us and become a Village member today?

Man and Child in Kenya Waving

Your Monthly Gift

  • $5 per month provides clean water for 4 people
  • $10 per month provides clean water for 8 people
  • $50 per month provides water for 40 people
  • $100 per month provides water for 80 people
  • $200 per month provides water for 160 people

Perks of Joining the Village

When you join the Village, you can enjoy exclusive news and updates, discounts at special events—including our annual Winter Waterland Gala—priority booking for our annual Rafiki guest trip to Africa, exclusive Well Aware swag, access to the Village Facebook group, and most importantly, the gratification of supporting the mission of a transparent and accountable organization.

Become a Member of Well Aware's Village

Become a Part of Our Community

See what our current Village members have to say about being a part of a community committed to providing clean water for life across East Africa.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Village?

“Knowing I'm actually making a difference in people's lives. Knowing that my monetary contributions are being used as best as they are needed as judged by an awesome team of professionals. Feeling like I'm a small part of a big community all working toward the same goals.” - Manny P.

What are you looking most forward to as a Village member this year?

“As always, seeing the progress made.” - Cheryl G.

What does Well Aware’s mission mean to you?

“It means that there is not only a strong effort to deliver water to needed communities, but they do it in an efficient and highly productive way. It’s one of the best "values" when you talk about charitable contributions - bang for your buck, so to speak. And I know that my money is well spent.” - Steve H.

How would you describe Well Aware to others?

“A group of incredibly talented and highly dedicated individuals leading a jovially warm and supportive community that bonds together in commitment to helping make the most elemental improvement in the lives of some of the most in need, helping them joyfully and independently grow and thrive.” - Manny P.

What is most important to you when making a decision to donate?

“Transparency and accountability.” - Gary & Jeanne M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about becoming a monthly donor with the Village? Check out our most frequently asked questions regarding membership.

Why is monthly giving better than a one-time donation?

Your monthly donation of $5 or more over the course of one year can provide a lifetime supply of clean water to 4 people. Unlike one-time gifts, recurring monthly donations allow us to have continuous funding for water project implementation and maintenance throughout the year, helping us reach more people with this vital resource annually. And, monthly giving makes it easier for you to budget your giving to maximize your impact.

Is there a minimum amount that I can give?

$5 is the minimum monthly gift, and there is no cap on maximum monthly gift.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Per your local regulations, your gift is tax deductible. Upon your monthly donation, you will receive a donation receipt for your records.

When will I be billed each month?

You will be billed on the same day that you made your initial pledge unless you select a different day within your donor portal.

Is it possible to edit my current recurring donation?

To edit your payment method, change the date of your monthly donation, or change the amount, visit our donor portal here

What does my monthly donation go toward?

A recurring monthly donation goes toward bringing a sustainable clean water source to communities across East Africa. The Ripple Effect of clean water can sometimes be forgotten. With clean water, Disease rates will plummet, education will increase, gender equality will improve, agriculture and commerce will flourish, and community development will thrive. 

What if I need to cancel my recurring donation?

You can cancel your monthly donation at any time by clicking the link within your donation receipt and following the instructions provided.

Girl Drinking Cup of Water with Water Jug on Head and Baby on Back

It takes a Village, but together we have the power to create a world where every human has access to the basic right of clean water. Join us as we empower communities and future generations to thrive, grow, and develop through our sustainable clean water projects. Join the Village today. 

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