February 20, 2023

This Is How We #ShowerStrike

For many living in East Africa, reliable access to clean water is a recurring concern and burden—especially for women and girls. Clean water sources and sanitation are imperative to their progress around the world. But over time, water scarcity has become an insurmountable barrier for many communities—stifling education rates and economic equality. 

Eighty percent of women and girls bear the responsibility of collecting water for their households each day. With jerrycans in hand, they walk an average of 3.5 miles per day under the hot sun or night sky to bring water back home to their families. Once filled, the jerrycans can weigh upwards of 40 pounds. 

Not only is collecting water physically demanding, but it keeps girls out of school and women from maintaining steady employment. 

Woman carrying water

According to UNICEF USA, women and girls around the globe spend around 200 million hours per day collecting water. “200 million hours is 8.3 million days or over 22,800 years. It would be as if a woman started with her empty bucket in the Stone Age and didn’t arrive home with water until 2016,” says Sanjay Wijesekera, UNICEF Director of Program Division and former UNICEF Chief of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Section.1

Woman carrying jerrycan

As the demand for clean water increases—as does the amount of water used per day—it’s more important than ever to make an effort to raise funds for the implementation of sustainable clean water systems in communities throughout East Africa. 

Are you ready to make a difference in 2023? Join us for Shower Strike on April 19–25, 2023!

What is Shower Strike?

Shower Strike is a week-long awareness campaign that aims to raise funds for Well Aware’s clean water projects across East Africa. With Shower Strike, there are many ways that you can participate and change lives! Whether you choose to Skip Showers, Walk for Water, or Fundraise, your efforts will transform futures and empower communities to thrive. 

Over the past 15 years, Shower Strikers have provided nearly 197,000 people with clean water and raised $2.2 million to fund the implementation of clean water systems. 

You can help us create a world where every human has access to the basic right of clean water. Make your mark this year by signing up for Shower Strike today!

Women walking with jerrycans on their heads

How to Participate

We love Shower Strike because it’s simple to choose your level of participation! Whether you opt to skip showers or just raise money, you are making a difference and boosting awareness of the water challenges experienced by millions in East Africa. When you create your Shower Strike profile, you have the option to participate as an individual, a team, company, class, or school. Plus—we equip you with a Fundraising Toolkit that includes all of the assets you need to make this year’s Shower Strike the best yet!

Below is a breakdown of your options for participation in this year’s Shower Strike!

Option 1: Skip Showers

Skip Showers with Well Aware

Showering is often seen as a luxury in East Africa, not a reality. When you choose this option, you pledge to skip showers for the week, or until you reach your fundraising goal! Skipping showers is for Strikers who are looking to put themselves in the shoes of those who lack reliable access to clean water. 

Option 2: Walk for Water

Walk for Water with Well Aware

Walking miles per day to fetch clean water is a reality for so many in East Africa. When you choose this option, you pledge to grab a bucket of water, gallon jug,  jerrycan, or water bottle and walk outside with it every day of the week, or until you reach your fundraising goal.

Option 3: Fundraise

Fundraise with Well Aware

The ripple effect of impact that our clean water systems trigger spans generations. It is with your generous support that we can continue providing reliable access to clean water for our partner communities throughout East Africa. When you choose this option, you can get as creative as you wish—coming up with fundraising activities to raise money the best way you know how!

Setting Your Fundraising Goal

When you join Shower Strike, you have the flexibility to set your fundraising goal to any amount. Keep in mind that every $15 raised provides one person with access to clean water!

  • $525 provides clean water for 35 people
  • $750 provides clean water for 50 people 
  • $1,125 provides clean water for 75 people
  • $2,250 provides clean water for 150 people

Show Us How You #ShowerStrike

Are you ready to Shower Strike? Check out our Strikers of the past to get inspired to start your strike today! Sign up now!

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day | Actress & Philanthropist


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