September 1, 2022

Flor Keeps: The Flowers that Give Water

As our global climate continues to rapidly change, we continue to adapt in order to enjoy the same things we love, but in a more sustainable way. That’s where Flor Keeps comes in.

Flor Keeps rose in front of a Well Aware water project in Kenya

Santiago Salazar, the brains and founder of Flor Keeps, saw a gap in the flower market for the increasingly environmentally-minded consumer: preserved roses and flowers that last up to a year or more. While still grown in the same way, a preserved rose does not need water to survive. Instead, Flor Keeps roses are hand-cut once they’ve reached their true potential. Afterwards, they integrate a special preservation formula that allows each rose to keep its’ natural look for over a year – with no water at all.

The process of preserving flowers in this way has been around for a while, but has rarely been successfully used to replace fresh flowers. In the case of Flor Keeps – it has. Salazar, who has family ties to the flower industry, which has allowed him to form a deep knowledge of the market, has gone above and beyond to put his flowers at the forefront of the Austin consumer’s mind. While just getting off the ground in May 2021, Flor Keeps already has a storefront, designs arrangements for private events and has topped the list of go-to places for holidays such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. And, their flowers are designed in all shapes, sizes, & stunning colors, so it’s easy to find something to meet any occasion.

Flor Keeps and Well Aware

The real power of Flor Keeps comes not only from their great product, but from their awareness and commitment to clean water solutions for those lacking access. Before the company even launched, Santiago was talking with Well Aware about a partnership, eager to learn how he could support efforts to provide more clean water globally. Now, more than a year later, Santiago and Flor Keeps are dedicated Brand Partners of Well Aware, and have participated in key events such as the Winter Waterland Gala and Shower Strike.

Since May 2021, not only has Flor Keeps grown tremendously, but through their dedication to Well Aware’s mission has grown with them. So far, through their partnership, they impacted the lives of close to 400 individuals through lasting clean water, creating a Ripple Effect of impact.

“Our roses don’t require water. People Do. Our process of creating naturally sustainable roses keeps us from having to use any water at all. While doing so, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Well Aware in efforts to continuously provide East Africa communities with safe & accessible drinking water." - Santiago Salazar

Want your own Flor Keeps?

Purchasing a Flor Keeps flower or bouquet for your next special gift or display will help more people gain clean water. Check them out on Instagram, Facebook, or their website for stunning pictures of their flowers, updates on where to get your own, and more.

Stay tuned to see the impact we continue to affect together and other ways you can Shop Smarter!

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