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The Village is a devoted, passionate community that is changing the world every day through clean water impact.


Since 2013, the Village has changed the lives of more than 40,000 people.

Village members commit to monthly or annual recurring donations to transform lives through clean water, and further enable Well Aware's impact to grow.

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Village FAQ

Contribution Levels


Provides clean water for life to 12 people every year.


Provides clean water for life to 30 people every year.


Provides clean water for life to 60 people every year.


Provides clean water for life to 120 people every year.


Provides clean water for life to 300 people every year.

Choose Your Own Amount

Every $10 provides one person with clean water for life.

*Impact number is for a full year of Village membership. Every $10 gives one person clean water for life.*

New Village Members Mean that Well Aware Can:

As a Village Member, You Receive:

  • Special recognition and appreciation
  • Exclusive project and company updates
  • VIP treatment at special events
  • Social media shoutouts
  • Your name featured on the website
  • Priority booking for yearly Rafiki trips to East Africa
  • Our signature water drop bracelet or silver pendant ($25/month or more)

Why Become a Village Member?


John, Village Member since 2018

"I have seen first hand what not having clean water can do to an entire community... Providing clean water enables the community to provide for themselves and prolong life under better circumstances as the children can now go to school, socialize after school, and not have to travel miles to fetch water."


Alicia, Village Member since 2018

"It is easy to be a Village Member. For just a small donation amount of money per person a month, Well Aware is able to make a big impact on another person's life."


Manny, Village Member since 2017

"I saw a level of dedication and accountability to their donor base and to those they serve that is unparalleled in all my prior non-profit engagement. I knew I had to support what they are doing beyond just a simple donation. The Village Member program and its flexibility and levels of engagement was the perfect entry point for me to give a little more and truly know that my contributions are making a positive impact."


Annie, Village Member since 2017

"Becoming a Village Member was one of the best decisions I could have made. I am proud to be a part of this organization and I am beyond happy to call my fellow Village Members some of my very best friends."


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