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Donate today to give clean water to those who need it most in the new year.

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ALL DONATIONS MATCHED through December 31st, or until our generous $30,000 matching gift runs out.

Give life this holiday season.

All donations through the end of the year are being MATCHED by generous donors until their $30,000 gift runs out:

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  • Give water for HEALTH

    Lasting clean water reduces waterborne diseases and improves sanitation and hygiene.

    Give Health

  • Give water for EDUCATION

    With reliable access to clean water, education rates increase 34% on average and 58% for girls, specifically.

    Give Education

  • Give water for EQUALITY

    When women no longer spend their days fetching water, they can secure greater job opportunities and a stronger voice within their communities.

    Give Equality

  • Give water for LIFE

    Clean water becomes a long-term anchor for community prosperity — enabling entire communities and future generations to thrive, grow, and develop.

    Give Life


Right now, every $15 you give changes not one, but TWO lives forever.

Your gift today will transform lives in the new year and enable more families to lead healthier, happier, and better lives. Thank you for impacting others this holiday season.

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