November 23, 2020

Gratitude for Clean Water

Clean water means so many things: health, education, and overall prosperity. Entire communities go from struggling to thriving, all because of access to lasting clean water. Populations grow, children stay in school and parents can provide for their families. Below are impact stories directly from the field from those who benefit from Well Aware’s mission — sharing their gratitude to you for helping to provide them with this most vital resource.



Stephen loves being in school because he gets to learn about agriculture, his favorite subject, and read books. But, sometimes it is hard for him to get to school. He and his family used to move around based on their access to water. Even then, sometimes his family would get sick from the water because they did not always know if the water is clean.

When asked how the new, sustainable rainwater project at his school has affected his life, Stephen said:

“Water is an essential thing in life because without water, I find my life incomplete. [The new project] has allowed me to escape from diseases which can be caused by dirty water.

Stephen now has the clean water he needs to learn, thrive, and work towards his goal of one day becoming a journalist.


Kelvin enjoys reading short books and dreams of someday becoming a doctor. Prior to Well Aware’s completion of a new well in Nthaani, Kenya, Kelvin worried about contracting diseases from the water his mother would walk to gather for their family from a river 2km away. Now, Kelvin doesn’t have to worry about getting sick, and his mother no longer has to walk for water. When asked how the new water system makes him feel, Kelvin told us:

No water, no life. I am grateful. Clean water prevents me from disease.”


Maureen loves to sing and dreams being a musician. Her family previously moved around based on access to water before settling in Mutaki. There, they used to walk 3km to collect water every day before Well Aware implemented a new well in her community.

“Water makes life more simple.”

Currently, her greatest worry is COVID-19, and ensuring her parents, brother, and community members stay healthy and safe.

As Stephen and others have shared, water is essential to life. It is the starting point for many other opportunities in life and it is essential for survival. So, on behalf of the entire team at Well Aware and our East African partner communities, we thank you.

Thank you for helping to provide clean water.

Thank you for ensuring more people are healthy.

Thank you for ensuring children can continue school.

Thank you for allowing women and girls to not walk miles for water.

“Without you, countless children would be missing school because they were too sick or walking for water. Without you, mothers would be at home caring for ill children or… walking for water. But, because you choose to make a difference in the lives of others whom you may never meet, lives are profoundly changed every day with clean water. Children are healthier, mothers can find work, and entire communities are thriving… because of you.”– Kareece Sacco, Well Aware Executive Director

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